Kraken Sports Hydra 3500 WRSU Underwater Video Light Reviews

Great Quality

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I use two of these on my RX100, they work great! Great smooth, even beam, and plenty bright! I love the fact that I can easily swap out batteries between dives if I want, but the head of the light is still waterproof incase I accidently get a flood. The batteries recharge fast, usually 2.5 hours from dead! I had some other less expensive lights and they took 10 hours to recharge! I also use the remote control so I can control both lights at the same time from my camera tray. Great compact system! 

Reliable and powerful

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I love my Kraken lights, not just for the power but for reliability. I use the lights as my full-time focus light as i can increase or decrease the power settings easily, without looking at my light. I also have the options of using the red light as not to scare subjects like octopus or the blue UV light for shooting fluro. I also use the lights for backlighting subjects. One of the other things I like is that I only need one for macro. The light quality is rich so i never need to white balance again, its so easy to make high-quality videos.
The burn time is also crazy, not like some of the other lights ive used that burn out minutes after their turned on.
having a backup battery on the charger is also another high point. I do 3-4 dives a day almost 250 days of the year and these lights just keep working.
Low maintenance, great price, reliable and high quality. No wonder everyone is talking about these things!

I almost forgot, they also have a remote for these things so i can keep it next to my finger on my camera...Bonus!

Exceeded my expectations!

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I'm writting this review because I'm back to buy a second light now that they're on sale! I was extremely impressed with this light right out of the box and had no trouble figuring out how to use it. Hold down both buttons to turn on/off, use the left button to change functions(wide, spot, red, UV) and the right button for power settings - very user friendly. The light included both a YS and ball mount so I didn't need to purchase an adapter, it comes in a padded case that kept everything organized for travel. The battery life is awesome, it lasted for two dives before I had to recharge. The quick charge is also an advantage when doing multiple dives. The red light was helpful when shooting shy critters at night. I played around with fluoro photgraphy and found some subjects that glow in the UV light. I didn't have yellow filter, it still worked fine, but I'd suggest a yellow filter if you're really into it. I like this light a lot and would recommend it to my dive buddies and fellow underwater photographers. It covers all basis, well made, reliable and most importantly has an even beam and warm color. 

Great all around light!

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The Hydra 3500 has been a great light for me. I've used a pair for a set of video lights which produced excellent results. I've used a single as a focus light on my mirrorless rig in both flood, and red modes which gave the camera a perfect amount of light to focus. I've used the spot mode while shooting macro to back light, and also the spot mode as a general dive light. Only have used the floro (UV) function a couple of times, but wow! Colours you'd never knew were there. When I was using a pair I had them connected to the remote control. It made controlling the two lights at once so much easier! You won't be dissapointed with the Hydra 3500!