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I like it :-)

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I will begin by saying I have only shot photos on three dive trips so far.(So I am a newbie ) The first two trips I used the Ikelite housing by the third the I'd purchased the Recsea. There is a HUGE difference in performance. There also (of course) a huge difference in price. I guess it's true you get what you pay for. The Recsea is an aluminum housing which weighs more in the carry on, but caused no problem in the water. The biggest difference is that what ever button/control I attempt to use responds on command. I like the locking mechanism on the Recsea. It feels very secure and also has visual aids to tell you where the locking mechanism is.( Open, half way, closed and locked.) It took a bit of practice to get accustomed to the shutter button. It depresses back not down, however once that was understood I had no problems. All controls are easy to identify and operate. The zoom and video worked without any problems at all and I could change settings easily underwater too. I had several problems with the Ikelite zoom control slipping out of sync causing the camera to refuse to fire when the zoom was over extended. If I had to it to do over again, I would purchase the Recsea right off the bat. Now I have discovered that I can expand on my system with different lenses. This housing is built to accommodate quick change wet lenses as well. I am well pleased with the product and quite happy that I have room to grow with it. Macro and fisheye lenses are my next investment ! I definitely recommend this housing over the Ikelite if you can afford it. It appears to be built to last. BTW, the pix are coming out pretty good ;-)
I would like to also comment that the customer service here at Bluewater has been outstanding. They have been patient and understanding through all of my questions. I am happy doing business here and will continue to do so.


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I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said. I have gone from the canon housing to an Ikelite to the Recsea. I could have saved a lot of time and money by just going straight to the Recsea. It is a lot of money for a housing but its really worth it if you plan to use your camera much.

One tip, if you configure your setup with a lot of accessories, you need to watch buoyancy. Once the camera/tray gets heavy its hard to operate with just one hand, which is possible once its setup and neutrally buoyant.

The shutter trigger on this is by far the best. The button operation is the best. The design and build is the best. Dual flash optical sync ports is THE BEST!

Awesome housing

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I bought this housing last year (2012). This is the 3d camera systems I have had over the years.
Due to the restrictive weight limits on airlines now, I choose not to use a DSLR system.
This housing is easy to use. The shutter speed and aperture are easily changed with the external dial controls on the housing. It is crucial to be able to quickly change these two settings at a moment notice. This has been the best system to date for changing these settings.

I am using external strobes and the Dyron +7 macro lens. I mostly shoot macro.
The housing is a bit pricey as compared to Canon or Ikelite housings (I have had 2 ikelite systems previously) but well worth the extra money if you are serious about your underwater photography.

The only negative is there is not enough room in the housing to place a moisture muncher. I make sure I load the housing in the cool A/C in the room and close it. Since I have been doing that, I have not had any fogging issues and it has been on 8 weeks of diving so far.

I highly recommend this housing.

Scott was great. He helped me purchase all the proper and necessary accessories for the Recsea so I could continue to use my Ikelite strobes with it.

Good all around

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Wonderful housing that mimics the real camera on land making it very easy to learn and train. It's also lighter and a little more compact than the other housing out there for the Canon S100.

I would strongly recommend this housing.

Best Compact Housing

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Before my recent vacation to the Caribbean, I had decided to upgrade my Canon compact and purchase the Canon S100. Needing a functional housing to utilize all the cameras controls and having the ability to add wide angle and macro lenses I went to the Bluewater Photostore website. After seeing the product video for the Recsea S100 housing, and looking at other housings, I decided Recsea was the way to go. I ordered it, along with the YS-D1 strobe package, and it was promptly delivered.
Using the housing was a pleasure. It really felt like you were holding a solid, well made piece of equipment. All the controls worked flawlessly. I especially liked the front and rear control dials, making quick adjustments possible.
If you are looking for a functional, well made compact housing, look no further, you won't be sorry.

Definitely happy with the upgrade.

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I'm one of the many who upgraded from the Ikelite and am very glad I did. Overall quality and function is much better. Don't have to worry about the buttons not lining up or having to break your fingers to press them. Only rated 4 instead of 5 stars because of the price tag. Is it > 2x better than the Ikelite? Maybe not. Either way it's a big purchase so rather have something I'm going to be happy with and will last forever.


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hii guys!! the housing fits the camera perfect, so much easy to use than the ikelite or the canon housing, trust me i have used those,, its really worth the extra money,, but, what really make it excellent its the service that the guys at bluewater photo give,. really professional and fast!!..

Great Housing Unit

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1st: I have to say that the customer service at BlueWater photo is absolutely EXCELLENT: I live in NY City and was very hesitant in buying a product over the internet, sight/feel unseen. So I tested a few vendors out with some general questions and BlueWater was consistently the most responsive. They listen to your needs, have patience in answering all your questions, and are extremely friendly.

2nd: my requirements were very precise. I wanted a Camera unit that took great macro shots and was light weight. BlueWater gave me a couple of options and i finally selected the Canon S100, Recsea housing unit, Dyron Macro 67mm leans, and the YS01 strobe. Wow! what a great package.
- The camera takes incredible photos, is not complicated like a SLR, and is very easy to use.
- The Recsea is a dream: it has a perfect seal, and it's controls are very easy to manipulate underwater.
- YS01strobe: lots of power and brings out all the colors

Overall: we all have different needs and wants. Go with the expertise and recommendations from BlueWater.

Conclusion: I don't have the patience to manipulate my photos with Photoshop/Aperture so my goal is to take the best possible photo when I'm underwater. And thanks to BlueWater, I finally found the perfect unit.

Compact and Easy to use

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Love it!! The Recsea S100 is compact and easy to use, just what I was looking for. Scott and Shane helped me by answering my many questions regarding buying a new underwater camera system.

Awesome housing

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Love this housing. I'll never go back to ikelite :P Vast improvements from Ikelite housing. All the buttons works and easy access. Sturdy, and have a intuitive design with double o-rings. As compact a housing can get.