Catalina Island Sea Bass Front Side Trip

Catalina Island Sea Bass Front Side Trip

3 Dives for $135

Saturday, August 17th, 2019 on the Pacific Star

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Please Note - If purchasing more than one spot on the boat, please email us the additional names on the reservation and their email addresses so they receive all trip details! 


The Pacific Star will depart San Pedro at 7AM for 3 dives. Lots of food and 2 air fills are included. You can sleep on the boat the night before if desired--just let us know


Catalina Island - we are looking for Giant Black Sea Bass, which are usually abundant this time of year. We'll hit the sites where they often congregate or have been sighted recently.

What will you see & tips:

Giant Black Sea Bass - the past few years we've always had some sightings, though it's never guaranteed. If you see these giant beauties, they are usually swimming along, or sometimes will stop and hang out. Sometimes solo, sometimes in small schools.

Let the fish approach or swim by you so you don't spook it away. If they are hanging out, approach slowly and cautiously and keep your distance so they don't spook. That way everyone can enjoy the sighting.

If the GSB are not around, we'll enjoy kelp forests, sea lions, schools of fish, bat rays, angel sharks and more!

About the Boat:

  • The Pacific Star is a 65 X 22 foot dive vessel
  • The bunk room holds 6 single bunks and 6 double bunks in 5 private staterooms and 8 single bunks and 4 double bunks in a common sleeping area, all with privacy curtains and reading lights
  • It pumps both air and nitrox.

Gear Rental:

Bring your own gear, or make sure you rent from a local shop ahead of time -- If needed, the boat can provide tanks, or you can rent an underwater camera from Bluewater Photo - just ask!

Why Dive with Bluewater:

Our trips are geared towards the underwater photographer. We aim to dive the best sites for photography, weather dependent. There are NO students on board, NO hunting and NO oversold boats. Come dive with us for a very enjoyable day on the water in SoCal!

Catalina Island Photos: