2020 Grouper Spawning Photo Workshop on the French Polynesia Master


 2020 French Polynesia Grouper Spawning

Underwater Photo Workshop

Witness one of nature's greatest spectacles and experience some of the best shark diving in the world.

Sail for 10 nights on French Polynesia's most luxurious liveaboards and dive with hundreds of grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, silvertip sharks, and silky sharks. Non-Photographers are welcome.


July 2 - 12, 2020

Led by Scott Gietler

10 Nights for:

Lower & Middle Deck - $6,250 (double or single)

Upper Deck - $6,575 (double or single)

Single Cabin #8 - $9,850


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Why Join This Trip?

 ✓ 25% off rental photo gear from Bluewater Photo

 ✓ Timed for the annual grouper spawning event where thousands of marbled groupers gather

 ✓ One of the best destinations for sharks with regular sightings of 7 different species 

 ✓ Hundreds of marbled groupers, huge Napoleon wrasse and bottlenose dolphins 

 ✓ Sail and dive in comfort with the French Polynesia Master: one of the most luxurious boats in the area

 ✓ Daily underwater photo instruction at no extra cost

 ✓ Led by Bluewater Photo owner Scott Gietler

 ✓ Beginner photographers welcome


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Trip Overview

The French Polynesia grouper spawning event is debatably one of nature's greatest shows. Every year, thousands of groupers gather to mass spawn, right around the full moon of July. All of this activity naturally attracts all kinds of predators in huge numbers, including 7 different sharks species:  grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, blacktip sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, silvertip sharks, and silky sharks.

 French Polynesia Grouper Spawning Photo Workshop | Bluewater Photo & Travel

L: The wall of sharks in Fakarava. 108 sharks in this photo! Seen on several dives on our trip last year.

R: A large school of groupers in Fakarava, getting ready to spawn.


Check out Scott Gietler's photo essay from our past grouper spawning trip. There's more than just sharks in French Polynesia!

The 10 day trip sails through the Tuamotu Island chain, from Fakarava to Rangiroa.  Dives with the pelagics are typically drift dives and are dependent on the incoming and outgoing tides for each island. There will also be dives with less current on outer reefs, plateaus and coral gardens within the lagoons. 

The grouper spawning is expected to occur on July 2nd-3rd, as the full moon is on July 4th.

French Polynesia map

Diving Conditions in July

Water temperature will be around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit with good visibility.


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Package Details


 ✗ National Park Fees (USD 900)

 ✗ Nitrox (USD 150 for 10 nights)

 ✗ Dive rental equipment

 ✗ Alcoholic beverages

 ✗ Gratuity


Daily Photo Workshops

Workshops will be given daily on topics such as wide-angle underwater photography, ambient light shots, snorkeling with large animals, strobe exposure and positions, avoiding backscatter and composition.

About the French Polynesia Master

Built of steel, the French Polynesia Master plies the waters of this island archipelago, welcoming aboard 25 guests for 7 or 10-night dive safaris. The 4 decks provide ample space for relaxation and dive equipment and camera preparation. 


The French Polynesia Master boat (LEFT) & its camera room (RIGHT)


French Polynesia Master's cabins 


Check out this page to see more details and customer reviews on French Polynesia Master.


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Flight Information

Trip attendees should fly into Fakarava Airport (airport code FAV) and out of Rangiroa Airport (RGI). There are multiple flights per week between Tahiti (airport code PPT) and Fakarava and daily flights between Tahiti and Rangiroa. Both flights are only 1hr in duration.

We advise divers that if possible to arrive a day earlier in French Polynesia so you are well rested before the workshop. Return flights should be made after 12pm on the last day of the trip.

Airport transfers are included.


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About the Trip Leader

Scott Gietler is the owner of Bluewater Travel. Scott's areas of expertise include Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, French Polynesia, and the United States.

Scott is the founder of the Underwater Photography Guide and Bluewater Photo. What started out as a small project has grown to a point where it is starting to interfere with Scott's sleep. When it interferes with his diving, then it will be a problem.

An avid marine naturalist, Scott is the author of the Field Guide to Southern California Marine Life. He was the LAUPS photographer of the year for 2009, and his photos have appeared in magazines, coffee table & marine life books, museums, galleries and aquariums throughout California. He enjoys teaching photography underwater and in workshops.


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Webinar About Fakarava/Rangiroa


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Payment & Booking

Payment Schedule

Deposit: $800

2nd Payment: $1,600 due 6/1/19

3rd Payment: $2,200 Due 11/1/19

Balance Due 3/1/20

Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call Bluewater Travel at 310-915-6677 or email info@bluewaterdivetravel.com and let them book your dream vacation at the best price!



Underwater Images

French Polynesia Underwater Photos by Craig Dietrich





French Polynesia Underwater Photos by Scott Gietler