Great White Sharks in Guadalupe 2018


 Great White Sharks Photo Workshop in Guadalupe 2018

Hop aboard the Nautilus Explorer and join Matt Sullivan with Bluewater Photo for the famed annual group trip to Guadalupe. Get up close and personal with Great White Sharks!! Going face-to-face with a great white shark in the wild is something you will never forget! 


September 11-16, 2018


Triple Occupancy $2,935

Stateroom $3,250

Superior Suite $3,775

Premium Suite $4,405

Single Occupancy $4,062


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Why Join This Trip?

✓ Virtually unlimited shark dives during 3 days
✓ 3 full days of diving with Great White Sharks
✓ Great price: quality
✓ Amazing boat, staff, food and crew!

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Why Travel with Bluewater?

✓ We book resorts/ liveaboards that offer the best overall value
✓ Gear discounts and other benefits
✓ Great support if flight/weather issues occur
"Bluewater helped me out when I needed it most, the airline wouldn't let me board because of a Visa issue. They saved my butt" - Ray Tsusuki


Dive Overview

The number of shark dives on this trip aboard the Nautilus Explorer is virtually unlimited. Guests start promptly at 8:00am and afterwards the pool is always open. Current record is 31.5 hours of cage time over 3 dive days. Cages close at 5 p.m. on the last dive day to get ready for the ride home.

Nautilus Explorer

Guests might have a rich and natural experience of shark encounters on these trips by descending down into the shark's world where they prefer to spend their time. Guests won't need to use chum at depth; the sharks are already there. The crew also don't need to use heavy slicks of blood, oil and chum on the surface. Up to six great whites have been spotted at once circling the cage and even bumping up against it in a gentle way. Without chum around they are more relaxed, exhibit MUCH more curiosity, and come in MUCH closer to the cages. It is an unforgettable rush when a great white looks at you from 50 feet away and then swims over for a very close.

Diving Organizations & Conditions

Diving is done via surface supplied hookah with backup dive gear in each cage. Submersible cage dives are 45 minutes long and if you are a certificated diver, you will have the opportunity to make 3 dives a day. Dive time in the suspended cage and surface cage is unlimited. Sea conditions in our anchorage are generally calm with 80 - 130 foot visibility in very blue water. Water temperatures are around 73 degrees Fahrenheit and a 5 - 7 mm full suit is recommended. 

Read the great reviews of the Nautilus Explorer! Read more information on diving in Guadalupe here.


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Inclusions & Exclusions

✓ Stateroom accommodations with AC, porthole (or full window in suites), and private ensuite bath
✓ All meals onboard the yacht. Food is a cornerstone of life onboard and Nautilus features fresh and imaginative cuisine with a mix of western and Mexican menu items prepared by 2 chefs
✓ 3 full days of diving with great white sharks!
✓ Round trip transfers from San Diego to Ensenada
✓ Price includes the 5% tax!
 ✗ Port fee: $65, payable on board

Daily Photo Workshops

Workshops will be given daily on topics such as wide-angle underwater photography, ambient light shots, snorkeling with large animals, strobe exposure and positions, avoiding backscatter, and composition. Help underwater is also given.


Trip Schedule

The Nautilus Explorer departs in the evening for a 20-hour voyage to Isla Guadalupe, generally arriving the next day at dinner time allowing for a nice restful night's sleep before the action begins the next morning. The boat generally arrives back in port at 2 p.m. on the last day of the trip with included transfers back to San Diego later that afternoon. Arrival back to San Diego is around 6:00pm.


Trip Leader

About the Trip Leader
Matthew Sullivan is an underwater and conservation photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. For more of his pictures follow him on Instagram.

About the Nautilus Explorer

Luxury dive liveaboard serving small groups of divers in Guadalupe and the Socorro Islands, the Nautilus Explorer was custom built for diving and designed to offer the highest level of comfort and safety for its guests. See more photos of the Nautilus Explorer

Nautilus Explorer Nautilus Explorer

Left: Double Stateroom; Right: Single Stateroom

Nautilus Explorer Nautilus Explorer

Left: Superior Suite; Right: Premium Suite

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Flight Information

Contact us for flight recommendations.

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Payment & Booking

Payment Schedule


Got Questions? Ready to Book?

Call Bluewater Travel at 310-915-6677 or email and let them book your dream vacation at the best price!


Underwater Images

Guadalupe Underwater Photos by Katie Yonker

Guadalupe Guadalupe

Guadalupe Guadalupe