Light & Motion Sola 500 Photo Light Reviews

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Sola 500 Photo Light review

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I use this light as a focus light and have it mounted on the hotshoe if my housing. In general I am very pleased with it as the output is right (bright enough to work with but not too bright to scare life away at night or give blown out parts in the pictures). I also use this as a primary light on night dives and miss the option to switch between wide beam and focussed beam that I have on my other Sola's. Great light as a focus light, for primary light during night dives I would recommend a light that also has the focussed beam option.

Sola Light Review

Average: 5 (1 vote)

Fantastic modeling light! Replaced a more traditional light that I lost and I'm so much happier! I love that the adaptor with ball (hotshoe) is attached, one less piece of equipment to lose. Plus, I most likely loosened up the attachment system on my old light inadvertently from turning the light on and off (twisting method) which contributed to it falling off my housing. The Sola on and off is a much better system. Worked beautifully as a modelling light and as a night light. Very happy with this product.