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Better than many supposedly higher output brands

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I just returned from a dive trip to Indonesia where I took one I-Torch Pro6+ and 2 Klarus SD80 video lights rated for 5000lm. I did several night dives where I had all three lights on my rig, and I would have to say that the Pro6+ appeared to be more powerful even though it's rated for close to half the output of the other lights. While it doesn't last as long as the other lights, it's maximum white light output was better, it's UV light output alone was better than the Klarus lights together, and the same for the red light output, which in that case was probably a bit of a negative since its red light had the issue of washing out my camera's LCD view as compared to the other lights. But still, a much better light despite a lower rating.

I-torch Pro6 mounted in multi light head on Still/Video rig

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I purchased 2 I-torch Pro6's and mounted them with GoPro3 Bar Clamps in conjunction with Dual Canister HOG Morph 1000's (also with GP3 Bar Mounts). These are all on 4inch 2 to 2 arms with GP3 mounts. My primary still/video is a Sony RX100 and INON 100WA lens and a GP3 Silver mounted on a modified Sea and Sea Yellow Plastic Base. Arms are 5 and 8 inch INON Float arms on each arm and INON 240z Flash Heads. I have attached additional Floats to each arm and center gantry which supports the GP3 over the RX100. This rig produces 6800 lumen from 4 light heads with the 240z spotting lights as additional sources. I used this rig in Truk lagoon wrecks and in the holds of overturned wrecks and engine rooms, it turned black inky dark into day, divers followed me to see the details of the Saki Bottles in the Rio De Janiero and the Engine Room of the Kensho Maru. The ability to charge and change batteries quickly was an added bonus over L&M lights.
Deepest dive was to 51m on the San Francisco Maru with no problems. If cleaning O-rings, replace them back where they were or you cannot reseat the screw locking. Best is to go opposite spin until it seats then forward to close the screw locking.
My only problem was turning off 4 light heads for clear still images using the INON240z's.
I have had limited experience with the Red and Infrared settings of the Pro6's.

Excellent bit of kit and I had some very envious divers with 700 lumen torches following me.
Dive kit was twin 80cuft manifold with Tec Rig and a 40cuft Stage at N50 - diving was Decompression - I also took one of the Pro6's to Bikini and had no problems with dives to 54m on the Pilotfish. This was teamed with one light head from the HOG1000 and twin INONW550's mounted on a Gath Surf helmet. This rig was used on 29 dives in Hawaii, most on the Kona Aggressor II.