Micro Mesh Dome Port Restoring Kit Reviews

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Great Product

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I had severe scratches on my Nauticam Dome Port, upon order I was a bit skeptical if I could do it myself and if the product itself would deliver what it´s promising...but thought I give it a try before sending the dome in...and et voila after 3.5 hours i am stunned by the result and the dome is like new, cystal clear and the water pearls of just like that...

More aggressive and faster than novas, but scarier

Average: 4 (1 vote)

I like this better than the 3 step novus kit. The coarsest paper in this kit is very coarse and can take out deep scratches very quickly. By comparison you have to spend a long time with the coarsest novus liquid abrasive to get the same scratch out. Once you get the scratch out, you move through the rest of the mesh papers to get out the scratches you put in. Its pretty scary, but it works, and once you get the hang of it, you can move through the papers very quickly.

The finest polishing steps are important to get your dome back to a really pristine surface that will shed water well for over/unders, don't skip those.