Precision 5" Dome for Tokina 10-17mm Lens & Ikelite dSLR Housings Reviews

Excellent Dome Port!

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I purchased this dome to replace the 8 inche Ikelite dome port that I purchased for the Tokina 10-17mm, which I am using on my Canon 7D. This dome is signifigantly lighter. This port does not extend below the bottom of the housing ( the 8" Ikelite does extend below bottom of the housing; so when the housing/dome are set down; alot of the housing/stobe weight is supported by the dome).

The Precision dome is a lot easier to pack, especially when your heading out on a trip half way around the world and space/weight are critical.

I have found no differences shooting the Precision 5" Vs the Ikelite 8". The only exception would be if you want to shoot and Over/Under shot, the larger dome is a bit easier to use.

Bottom line, I whish I have known about the precision 5" dome before I purchased the Ikelte 8" dome!