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easy to use

Average: 4 (1 vote)

For a novice u/w photographer this housing and camera package has made life real easy, coupled with a YSd1 strobe which all fits together nicely in a compact package, easy to transport and move around on a crowded dive boat. the housing itself gives easy access to all camera controls, is lightweight yet solid and the G12 camera takes a great clear picture. Thanks to Bluewater for their excellent shipping service and helpful advice. Cheers

Great Housing

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I purchased the G12 Recsea housing approximately 9 months ago and so far I’m really pleased with the housing and its performance. I’m relatively new to underwater photography (2.5 years) but quickly found the limitations with my original Cannon housing. After speaking the with Bluewater team they recommended the Recsea housing and S&S YS-01 Strobe. I’ve had the opportunity to have my new kit in the water on 3 dive trips, and the results are improving on each trip as I become more familiar with all the functionality of the housing and getting the strobe in the right position. The quality of the housing is top notch; functionally everything is well placed, and easy to maintain. Each trip I’ve made some minor upgrades including the Dyron wide-angle lenses and the Macro lenses and adapter. I’ll comment on them in separate postings.

Aside for the great customer support, Scott’s UWphotographyguide site is an amazing resource which has provided great tips on getting awesome shots. Before each trip I review the information as a refresher and usually come back with a few great shots as a result.

Great Housing, just a bit pricey

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I really like this housing. It took a little while to get used to the controls, but once that was in hand, all is well. This is truly compact and there is no wasted space here. The camera fits like a glove (well, it was made for it after all.)

The instructions are pretty slim, but attaching the fiber adapter, and removing the port are straight forward. Just remember to uninstall the fiber adapter before changing out the port.

The downside is clearly the price. I bought my G12 for less than $400 new, but they have increased in price as of today. Still, 2X's the price of the camera is a little out of line I think.

That said, I am glad I bought it. It is a welcome addition to the set, and will be the main travel camera when luggage issues come up.

Great job getting the housing to me....

Average: 5 (1 vote)

First off I have to praise the folks at Bluewater Photo after I set them the challenge of getting my new Recsea G12 shipped to my holiday destination – Curacao in the Caribbean whilst I was jetting in from London via Amsterdam. It was a first for them and they came through with flying colours as it arrived in time for me to enjoy two weeks snapping away underwater. Thanks guys for all your help. Scott took the challenge and Kelli delivered.

Now my review of the Recsea G12 Housing. I used the Canon housing last year to support my new Camera acquisition. The greatest frustration was not having the full manual functionality with access to ALL buttons. I looked around for a long time before deciding that the Recsea gave me all the functionality I needed with a solid casing and neat closing mechanism. It handles well underwater and after a very short time I mastered the ability to work the camera with one hand. I have not taken any of the lens extras (yet) as I wanted to see the fruits of my labour from Curacao and then Bonaire before venturing towards the ‘extras’. Here is just one of many shots with the G12 and Recsea housing.

Great casing

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I am a novice diver with some experience top side. Bought the casing after talking to Scott. Have taken it underwater a dozen times or so. The Recsea performed wonderfully well, was easy to handle and completely intuitive. Scott and his team were extremely helpful too. Thanks Scott and team

Rugged and fully functional

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a "real" housing for my new G12, after shooting with Canon's own plastic housing for years with a G11. While the plastic housing provided the opportunity to shoot decent photos, I was constantly frustrated by not being able to use the full functionality of the camera. In comes the RecSea housing which is nearly bulletproof, sleek and fully functional. It allows one to take full advantage of all dials, wheels and buttons on the G12, and I'm back to feeling like I'm shooting with a DSLR on land. So far, I've been pleased with the quality of the photos and have only good things to say about Bluewater's customer service. Added an ultralight tray and arm for my strobe, and built a spotting light arm myself, and I've got a sweet compact package that has caught the attention of pros and amateurs alike.

Excellent Housing

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I replaced my canon WP-DC34 housing with Recsea G12, I was going between 2 choices between Recsea and Ikelite , the advantage of Recsea on ikelite housing is the size is way more smaller than ikelite and really this housing will make you fall in love with it , it was designed to be strong and to access every single button/setting in G12/G11 in addition of its equipped with removable port to attach a Fisheye lens so you can do a wide-angle photography , also to connect single or dual strobe on this housing is very easy "just plug the fiber optics on the mask strobe " while in WP-DC34 you need to make a mask strobe and its really not fun to do it :)

i never regret that i choose this housing ......

Can't say enough GOOD about this housing!

Average: 5 (1 vote)

At first I thought spending $1000+ on a housing for a compact camera was a little crazy, but let me tell you, it is money well spent and firmly supports the old adage: " you get what you pay for"! The Recsea housing provides the quality and construction you'd only expect to see from some of the more expensive DSLR housings! It is very nicely made. It's a tough little guy and has one of the most secure door locking mechanisms I have ever seen on a housing. All of the controls line up perfectly and you can access ALL of the camera's functions with ease - even with gloves on. I like that the strobe tray can firmly attach in TWO places, on the underside, versus only one, like some of the other housings. Even with a large strobe, the housing sits securely and never wobbles. The external strobe connection mount is another big plus. The optical cord stays firmly in place with no worries. It is a solid little rig and in my opinion, well worth every penny.

Exceeded My Expectations

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I was a very frustrated novice underwater photographer until I met my Canon G12 with Recsea housing. All of my past problems with a camera which was 'too automatic' (i.e., did not allow me to adjust the shutter speed so that pictures were always blurred from my constant movement - I refuse to sit in the coral to photograph) were swept away with the versatile features of the G12. The Recsea housing is a perfect complement to the Canon; I especially like the ease of the rear 'wheel'. Using my Sea & Sea DS-110a with the TTL feature made it all come together.

One Tough Housing

Average: 5 (1 vote)

I opted for the Recsea for my G11 because:
a) it was more light-weight than the equivalent Patima (i.e. easier for traveling); and
b) it had better functionality control than my old Canon WP-DC34.

Although the up/right button doesn't always line up properly, I've still been quite satisfied with the layout of the buttons and controls on the whole.

However, what impressed me most has to be the durability of the Recsea. I once (carelessly) slipped through the gap between boat and jetty while disembarking. With housing in hand, I inadvertently used it to cushion my fall as I slammed against the side of the boat before falling into the water.

The housing was none the worse for it, and I've been using it since without a hitch.

That's one tough housing.