Recsea Panasonic GF2 Housing Reviews

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Impressive manufacturing with great results

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After years photographing with Nikonos cameras, then with large DSLR housings and a lot of disappointment with compact cameras and cheap plastic housings, I decided to trove to a more compact package that would be easier to carry in caves, wrecks and other more technical dives. Scott advised me to try one of the micro four-thirds cameras and suggested the Panasonic GF-2 with the RecSea housing.

In summary, I am impressed. The first contact with the housing after unpacking shows the quality of the engineering and the manufacturing - it rivals Sea&Sea which was my previous reference. The only thing I missed was a instruction manual, as there are some idiossincrasies such as a hidden port release button and a port that unscrews clockwise. But don't take me wrong - this is really a great product !

Some features that I can mention: double seals, large selection of port and lenses, easy to see LCD, smooth controls... And for those into deep dives, there is an "extra-deep" version.

And definitely I was not disappointed underwater - I got great pictures in the first dive using the 8mm lens and the dome port. I was so satisfied that I have already invested in a pancake lens and flat port and will also try the macro port and lens.

If you need a small package for rigorous divining, I would definitely recommend this set. If you can live with a large DSLR, I would suggest you take a look at the GF-2 / RecSea package.

Pretty Sweet

Average: 4 (1 vote)

After much consulation with Scott and research on the web, the GF2 with Recsea housing was my choice for a micro 4/3 combination. I liked the GF2 feel, features, LED display size, eae of use, and pop-up flash, and 97 lens choices since the mount accepts Olympus lenses as well. Paired with the Recsea's compact, solid housing, the combinbation is a winner.. After 20 + dives with this kit, it's met my expectations. The camera is fast and performs as billed, with great image quality. The housing is wonderful - compact, easy to manipulate underwater, and well balanced. Its also quite easy to open and close (and you know when its locked), It's also very easy to get to the camera for lens and battery changes betweeen dives. No fogging problems with one small silica pack, and the battery really does last for over two hours worth of shooting (well over a hundred stills and video on a single battery). My shots have improved markedly.

The only drawback is the interface between the Recsea's zoom adaptor and the Panasonic 14-42mm zoom lens, which comes standard with the GF2. The lens zoom is a bit sticky, requiring a sturdy finger grip to zoom on land. The pressure exerted on the zoom ring by the Recsea adaptor's rubber o-rings is not firm enough to assure that the lens will zoom in and out when inside the housing. Not Ok. But, the solution turned out to be easy - I slipped a rubber "cause" wrist bracelet around the adaptor (you know, the support our troops, fight cancer bands) and the problem was solved for about less than a dollar. Now I keep several back-ups with my o-rings, though the original band has never failed. I lay this problem at Panasonis's door as the lens should zoom more smoothly. That's the one and only negative, and its pretty small in my opinion.

Thanks to Bluewater and Scott for all your help.