Reefnet Fiber Optic Snoot Reviews

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Compact, light and perfect control

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When I bought the Reefnet it was not just to do snoot photography but also to control my lighting in less than stellar visibility.

By removing the snoots at the end of the fiber-optics the dual arm yet single strobe setup forms a compact and light package that gives controlled lighting with enough angle-coverage to evenly light a 105 mm Macro lens from minimum focus for about 1 foot without having to be spot on.

It even works with TTL at reasonable shutter speeds on my YS-D1.

By positioning the arms carefully it is possible to prevent lighting up backscatter particles in the out of focus zone and keep the background dark.

The slender arms allow bringing the light close to the subject without scaring skittish critters and can be maneuvered into small crevices.

I use it exclusively for all my super macro setups and oh yes it also performs well at snoot photography

This snoot can aide in producing exceptional images.

Average: 5 (1 vote)

This snoot does exactly what it is suppose to the light. It is easy to clip on your bcd and use
when needed. Increase the power of your strobes and you will have plenty of light to illuminate your subject. It takes practice getting the snoot lined up with your subject and camera, but when you get it right, it is worth it! I would recommend this product to anyone interested in using a snoot.