Sea & Sea Nikon D800 Underwater Housing, MDX-D800 Reviews

MDX-D800 housing - best so far.

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My first housing was a Light & Motion for the Olympus point-n-shoot, C-5060. I enjoyed uw photography so much, I decided to "upgrade" to the DSLR and, since most my buddies, had Nikons, I followed suit, choosing the Sea & Sea housing for the D-80, D-200, D-300 and now the D-800, yes four generations of housings.
The MDX 800 is by far the best yet. It is much more ergonomic than previous models. For example, the shutter release and focus lock levers are closer together; small channels machined next to the buttons allow better draining of water; and the focus point change buttons actually work (they mostly stuck with all previous models at depth).
The only negative was not having the strobe sync bulkheads and moisture detector included (these must be purchased separately).
But, all in all, it's still a very good value for the money.

Kevin Lee