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Awesome little light

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Works great. Good enough to be backup illumination for photos (my strobe died once) and bright enough to be a dive light for night dives in SoCal, so I don't need my backup light.

Excellent product

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You can't go wrong with the Sola 600. The red and white light focusing options are great. One full charge lasted me a full three days of diving in Anilao. There is nothing more frustrating than your AF struggling in low light, but with the Sola 600 you'll be amazed with your new fast and accurate focusing capabilities.

a very satisfied customer

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I purchased a sola 800 light hoping that it would help cure some problems I had had with obtaining auto focus on cloudy or late day dives. This week I had a chance to test out the light in a variety of diving conditions in Playa del Carmen Mexico. The first few dives were under partly cloudy conditions. I had no problem whatsoever getting fast accurate focus with the light turned to the lowest level of red light.

Playa because of its location near Cozumel usually has a pretty quick current so if focus is not quick you miss the shot or shots if it delays too long.

The next series of dives were on a dive site known as tortugas which is a very quick drift dive. Its like riding a magic carpet in about 65 feet of water. Notwithstanding overcast skies with the sola set to mid level of red it was more than adequate to have fast autofocus. There was no need to ramp up the light to the highest red settting or go to white light.

The next test was a night dive with the sola turned to high on the white light setting. On previous night dives my camera rig would focus, on a pretty spotty basis and the tokina lens would usually hunt at least though one in and out cycle. With the sola, I did not have any of the usually hunting and searching for focus. Just click, and I was ready for the next shot as soon as the strobes would recycle. The reef we explored for the night dive has quite a bit of white sand so with the benefit of hindsight I could have dialed back the solar light to a mid level of power for the night dive.

Todays dive was a bull shark dive in 26 meters of water. The action was fast and with the solar set on a low red I had no problem keeping up with the action.

Battery life: I only really tested the battery on the night dive. An hour at full white light did not exhaust the battery. I switched to red at the surface and that made it easy for the captain to see us. When we got back to shore it was a driving rain so I used the red to signal a cab to get a ride back to my room. I plugged the light in when I got home and it was ready in about an hour and half for the next days dives. Now if all my camera equipment worked this well it would sure be cool.