SoCal Shootout 2 Day Trip

SoCal Shootout 2-Day Trip

Santa Barbara Island, Santa Cruz & Anacapa

Up to 9 dives on the Pacific Star, $329

Friday & Saturday September 13-14, 2019

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Board the boat September 12th after 9 pm for an early morning departure September 13, 2019. The Pacific Star will depart San Pedro Between 3-4am. 


Santa Barbara or San Clemente, dependent on conditions

What will you see & tips:

Santa Barbara Island - Santa Barbara is a popular overnight trip because of its sea lion rookery. Many playful sea lions will come and visit you in a sandy dive site on the southeast corner of Santa Barbara island. This is considered the best place in Southern California to photograph sea lions. Other highlights include purple hydrocoral, cave & caverns, and kelp forests.

San Clemente - With the best kelp, clearest warmest water, and great structure, San Clemente is an excellent destination for wide-angle underwater photography. Unfortunately the Navy often closes a large portion of the island, so it is not always diveable. The southeast corner is dove the most, due to the rest being frequently closed for Navy practice.

About the Boat:

  • The Pacific Star is a 65 X 22 foot dive vessel
  • The bunk room holds 6 single bunks and 6 double bunks in 5 private staterooms and 8 single bunks and 4 double bunks in a common sleeping area, all with privacy curtains and reading lights
  • It pumps both air and nitrox. Nitrox fills are extra.

Gear Rental:

Bring your own gear, or make sure you rent from a local shop ahead of time -- If needed, the boat can provide tanks, or you can rent an underwater camera from Bluewater Photo - just ask!

Why Dive with Bluewater:

Our trips are geared towards the underwater photographer. We aim to dive the best sites for photography, weather dependent. There are NO students on board, NO hunting and NO oversold boats. Come dive with us for a very enjoyable day on the water in SoCal!

Underwater Photos:

Kelp forest in the northern channel islands


We will probably see giant black sea bass


Purple hydrocoral awaits us


There will be lots of beautiful nudibranchs


Sea lions will be frolicking


Sea lions love to come in for a close look


Torpedo rays are common at Santa Cruz island


Angel sharks are common at Santa Barbara island