Best Scuba Regulators in 2024

Best Scuba Regulators in 2024

Posted by Elma Kruger on June 23rd, 2024

scuba diving regulator is the device used by divers to breath compressed air underwater. It is essentially your life support system - complete with a mouth piece (second stage regulator) and a hose that connects to your tank via a first stage regulator. 

Large volumes of compressed air in a scuba cylinder are of little value to divers unless they have the means of reducing this air to ambient pressure as it is needed. The human respiratory system can tolerate a differential of no more than 0.14 bar/2psi between breathing air pressure and the pressure surrounding the lungs. Breathing is, in fact, difficult if the pressure differential is only a small fraction of this amount.

This explains why divers cannot simply breathe from a hose or a pipe running to the surface. To breathe comfortably underwater, divers require an air supply at ambient pressure. Therefore, the function of a  scuba regulator is to reduce air pressure, on demand, from the scuba cylinder to ambient pressure of the surrounding water.

Have you heard of the terms demand regulators, demand valves, DV’s, or primary air source? All these terms refer to the regulator which could also mean a collective name for a complete dive regulator set which includes the first stage (pressure reducer that attaches to your tank), second stage (mouth piece delivering ambient pressure air), SPG (submersible pressure gauge) and  octopus (safety secondary air source).

As technology progresses, scuba regulators have become more advanced and are designed to cater to different diving needs. 

Let’s look at our Best Scuba diving regulators for 2024.

All of these computers are available now  in store and on our website. Got any questions? We have IDC staff instructors available to you at a moment's notice - just email

1. Mares Ultra 62X

The Best Travel Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Mares Ultra 62X

Mares Ultra 62X scuba regulator

The  Mares Ultra 62X scuba regulator boasts an impressive set of technical specifications that cater to the needs of discerning divers. The first stage is the lightest that the market has to offer. With a first stage weight of 525g (DIN) or 742g (INT/YOLK), and a second stage weight of 190g, the regulator strikes a perfect balance between lightweight portability and robust construction. The high-pressure ports (2 HP 7/16" UNF) and low-pressure ports (4 LP 3/8" UNF) ensure a seamless integration with your dive gear, while the 75cm Superflex hose provides the flexibility and comfort you need during your dives.

  • Compact and Lightweight: The Mares Ultra 62X is one of the most compact and lightweight diaphragm first stage regulators that Mares offers.
  • Easy Breathing: It features a Twin Power System that allows divers to switch between natural breathing and assisted breathing with increased airflow. The vortex assisted design reduces the "punch" you might feel from breathing a lower end regulator. 
  • Cold Water Compatibility: The EN 250 certification ensures it is suitable for cold water diving.
  • Durable Construction: The second stage is made from a techno polymer material that is both lightweight and durable.

We recommend the Mares Ultra 62X to those looking for a lightweight travel regulator that can perform in cold water environments as well.

2. Mares Rover 2s

The Best Budget Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Mare Rover 2S Here

Mares Rover 2S

The  Mares Rover 2S is considered one of the best budget regulators for scuba diving, known for its great mix of performance, reliability, and affordability. This regulator is durable and well-designed - providing consistent airflow and comfort in various diving conditions. With its balanced diaphragm first stage and dependable second stage, it ensures smooth and easy breathing, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced divers. Plus, it requires little maintenance, which adds to its cost-effectiveness. Its sturdy construction and user-friendly features make the Mares Rover 2 S a top choice for divers who want quality without breaking the bank. The Rover 2S has 1 high pressure port (7/16" UNF) and 4 low pressure ports (3/8" UNF) with a first stage weight of 608g (Yolk) or 432g (DIN).

  • Easy to maintain: The Mares Rover 2S is easy to maintain with a sandblasted finish to increase scratch resistance.
  • Advanced Technology:The patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) system combined with the Fluid Dynamic Deflector (FDD) enables natural breathing at all depths.
  • Durable Construction:The Rover second stage guarantees high performance, even after intensive use. The new large purge button features a 'dynamic hinge' design, which makes it easy to activate, even with a single finger. It also prevents free flow in the event of strong currents and is made of a durable rubber material that can withstand over 113,000 venting cycles.

We recommend the Mares Rover 2S to divers looking for a great deal but don't want to compromise on performance or safety.

3. Apeks MTX-RC

The Best Cold Water Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Apeks MTX-RC Scuba Regulator Here

Apeks MTX-RC scuba regulator

The  Apeks MTX-RC scuba regulator is considered the best regulator for cold water diving, thanks to its top-notch design and performance in extreme conditions. Built to handle freezing temperatures, the MTX-RC features an over-balanced diaphragm first stage that delivers consistent airflow, even in icy waters. Its unique heat-exchange system helps prevent free-flow by effectively managing the cold. With rugged, environmentally sealed construction and a corrosion-resistant finish, it's perfect for tough diving environments. Plus, it offers user-adjustable controls for breathing effort and venturi, allowing divers to customize their experience. The Apeks MTX-RC is the top choice for divers looking for reliable, high-performance gear in cold water. The regulator features 2 HP (7/16" UNF) ports and 5 MP (3/8" UNF) ports.

  • Proven cold-water reliability: An environmental dry system keeps water out of the main spring chamber preventing freezing, making the MTX-RC is ideal for cold water diving.
  • Prevent free flow and control breathability: The MTX-RC features a control knob which can be closed at the surface to control free flow and increases breathability and depth thanks to venturi technology.
  • Diver changeable exhaust system: Customize your exhaust experience with the included exhaust tee. The longer tee creates optimal exhaust dispersion- perfect for photographers, while the shorter tee is more suitable for travel.

We recommend the Apeks MTX-RC regulator to cold water, ice divers and tech divers that need a safe, environmentally sealed regulator. 

4. Aqualung Helix Pro Regulator

The Best Mid-Range Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Aqualung Helix Pro Regulator Here

Aqualung Helix Pro scuba regulator

The  Aqualung Helix Pro dive regulator is a top pick for mid-range scuba diving gear, thanks to its great balance of performance, reliability, and affordability. It includes advanced features usually found in more expensive models, providing comfortable and easy breathing at different depths with its balanced first and second stages. The regulator's smart design features an efficient venturi switch and precise airflow adjustments, ensuring minimal breathing effort for divers. Built with durable materials, it stands up well in various underwater conditions, making it a reliable choice for both recreational and semi-professional divers. Overall, the Aqualung Helix Pro is a fantastic option for those looking for high-quality diving equipment without spending a fortune. The regulator features 2 HP ports (7/16”) and 4 MP ports (3/8”), perfectly oriented in a “T” shape for streamlined hose positioning, reduced exhalation effort, and sending bubbles out of your field of view. It is compatible up to EAN 40 right out of the box.

  • Balanced diaphragm: A balanced diaphragm provides superior, consistent performance.
  • Comfo-Bite: Comfo-Bite mouthpieces are soft yet sturdy and reduce jaw fatigue with their unique palate bridge.
  • Yolk and DIN:Available in yoke (3,300psi/232 bar max.) or DIN (4,350psi/300 bar max.)
  • Venturi Knob: Controlling the airflow of your regulator is essential for a comfortable and customized diving experience. The Helix Pro features an in-line ergonomic Venturi knob that allows you to make precise adjustments, even while wearing gloves. This easy-to-use knob gives you full control over the air delivery, allowing you to fine-tune your settings based on your individual preferences and diving conditions.\

We recommend the Aqualung Helix Pro regulator to anyone who is looking to maximize the value of performance per dollar.

5. Apeks XL4 Ocea

The Best Eco-Friendly Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Apeks XL4 Ocea Here

Apeks XL4 Ocea

The  Apeks XL4 Ocea stands out as the best eco-friendly regulator available, combining sustainability with high performance. Made from recycled materials and packaged with minimal environmental impact, it supports eco-conscious divers without sacrificing quality. The compact and lightweight design is perfect for travel, and the balanced first and second stages make breathing easy at any depth. With features like an over-molded endcap and a flexible braided hose, it's both durable and efficient. Choosing the Apeks XL4 Ocea means enjoying a great diving experience while helping to protect the marine environment. The regulator has 2 HP (7/16" UNF) ports and 4 MP (3/8" UNF) ports.

  • First of its kind: Made from recycled materials and bio-plastics, manufactured in a solar-powered facility
  • Proven Performance:Designed based on the proven DS4 regulator. Over-balanced diaphragm for continuous performance, even at depth.
  • Compact design: Lightweight second stage enhances comfort, reducing jaw fatigue during extended dives.

We recommend the Apeks XL4 Ocea to those who are looking to support sustainable dive practices while having one of the most attractive regulators on the market. 

6. Mares Abyss 22 Navy II

The Best Extreme Diving Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Mare Abyss 22 Navy II Here

The  Mares Abyss 22 Navy II scuba diving regulator is especially designed to withstand the most extreme diving situations faced by US Navy forces around the world. The regulator comes with a special kit for diving in extremely cold water. The second stage is coated with a special fluoropolymer resin finish and features Mares' exclusive VAD system.

The Abyss 22 Navy II regulator guarantees flawless performance, even under ice. The result is a reliable and durable regulator, ideal for diving in even the most extreme cold-water conditions. The regulator comes equipped with 2 HP Ports, 3 – 3/8” LP Ports, and 1 – ½” LP Primary Port

  • Approved by the US Navy: One of the only regulators to be approved by the Navy for cold water diving. Rigorous testing includes 28-degree salt water, 200-foot depths under extreme breathing/ascending/descending conditions.
  • Not “X” rated:1st stage is not “X” rated which just indicates the type of material used on the HP seat. Includes Environmental Oil Filled Cold Water Kit.
  • All metal design: 2nd Stage features an all-metal design with mesh grid diaphragm cover designed to withstand string current to prevent free flow.

We recommend the Mares Abyss 22 Navy II for anyone who needs a regulator that is tried-and-true and up to military standards.

7. Oceanic Delta 5 + eDX

The Most Versatile Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Oceanic Delta 5 + eDX Here

If you are looking for a regulator that preforms well in all temperatures, depths and is affordable with the newest technology then look no further than the  Oceanic Delta 5 + eDX scuba regulator. It comes standard with a dive/pre-dive switch and a super comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece. The latest version has an all metal pneumatic calve providing smooth breathing performance in any condition. The Oceanic Delta 5 is available in black and white and in DIN or INT type first stage fittings. The Delta 5 is the next step in a ling line of remarkably reliable, durable and smoothly breathing regulators that carry that name.

  • Nitrox Compatibility: Standard to 40%
  • Heat exchanger: A heat exchanger has been added, positioned on the hose connection to the 2nd stage, to further increase its already stellar cold-water performance.
  • Dive / pre-dive switch: That allows you to stop the occasional free flow.
  • Venturi Knob: Controlling the airflow of your regulator is essential for a comfortable and customized diving experience. The Helix Pro features an in-line ergonomic Venturi knob that allows you to make precise adjustments, even while wearing gloves. This easy-to-use knob gives you full control over the air delivery, allowing you to fine-tune your settings based on your individual preferences and diving conditions.

We recommend the Oceanic Delta 5+ for anyone who needs a great breathing experience where you can set your airflow and have an orthodontic mouthpiece.

8. Aqualung Legend MBS

The "Best Breathing" Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Aqualung Legend MBS Here

The  Aqualung Legend MBS dive regulator is designed to revolutionize your diving experience, this regulator offers a groundbreaking combination of Venturi effect and inhalation effort adjustment, putting you in complete control of your dive with one simple rotation. This is a great design for those divers who feel that not enough air is delivered to them while diving. It’s great for diving in cold water and has a cool feature – Auto closure Device- which protects the internal parts of the first stage from corrosion and contamination making sure the inlet filter is clean and dry for safer O2 percentages.

  • Auto closure device: Protects internal parts from contamination and corrosive water when not connected to a cylinder valve.
  • Ergonomic design:Bi material “Soft grip” surface on DIN and YOKE screws for better grip,
  • Enhanced Performance:New front cover opening channels and widened radial openings prevent free-flows and reduce inspiratory flow by 20% in stronger currents.

We recommend the Aqualung Legend MBS to divers that need a little more airflow when they are diving or divers that dive in wet, rainy environments and could benefit from the auto closure device.

9. Cressi AC2 + Compact

The "Work Mule" Scuba Regulator


Purchase Your Cressi AC2/Compact Regulator Here

Voted as the lowest maintenance and high performance regulator, the Cressi AC2/Compact scuba regulator is made to last. The regulator is affordable, reliable, simple and robust. Piston first stage plus a compact single-hull second stage. It has 1 HP and 4LP ports and weighs in at 923g – 32.6oz. It’s a simple setup that works and are used in dive centers around the world because of its low maintenance features.

  • Low maintenance:Simple piston 1st stage, a "work mule" that is affordable, simple, reliable and robust, suitable for intense use. This first stage is appreciated by dive centers and professional companies who consider it to be a very rentable tool, due to its low cost and practically nonexistent need for maintenance, as well as a surprising level of performance.
  • Asymmetrical frontal 2nd stage cover drilling:The water flow pushes the diaphragm anti-clockwise direction to create its retraction in a flat position and to make the lever decrease gradually in precise perpendicularity, regardless of condition.

Regulators do much more than just allow you to breathe underwater; they have evolved into essential scuba diving instruments tailored to meet specific needs and diving environments. It's crucial not to compromise on reliability and quality, and at Bluewater Photo, you can expect nothing less.

All the above regulators are available at our online store, or if you need personal assistance from an IDC staff instructor, just email!

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