California Local Underwater Photo & Video Events

Local Underwater Photo & Video events in California, by Bluewater Photo

Learn more about Bluewater's local events and news here!  See our upcoming local dive trips, join some of our photography & videography classes, and see further details on our upcoming social nights.

Upcoming California Dive Trips

Join Bluewater on one of our exciting Southern California dive trips this season.  We visit iconic dive sites and offer experiences that both locals and visitors will enjoy.


Oil Rigs Trip

Saturday, November 9, 2019 - $135

The oil rigs offer extremely unique structure for diving with long columns stretching into the depths. Their location and structure often attract pelagics like Mola Mola. The rigs themselves are covered with marine growth, beautiful anemones, metridians, and more. They are also home to a variety of fish, scallops and more.

*Advanced dive trip*



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Underwater Photo & Video Classroom Sessions

Interested in improving your underwater photography skills, or maybe you're just getting started? Join one of our local classes, right in our Culver City location, and get yourself ready to go for your next dive trip, whether it's our local California waters, or your next vacation! 
Classes covering photography and videography basics, wide angle, macro, Lightroom, and more.

Macro Photography

Tuesday, October 17th at 6PM - $99

You will learn about the tools-of-the-trade, camera settings, strobe settings, strobe positioning, creative lighting techniques, macro compositions, light modifiers and more. Additionally, Erik will show a series of images with a breakdown of how the image was made to give you an understanding of the specific technical settings and the approach he used to create these images. 

Taught by Erik Lukas

Introduction to Underwater Videography

Saturday, October 19th at 12PM - $140
You will learn a wide variety of topics over a 3 hour course. Covering topics like preparation and story planning, tips on sunlight and time of day, best ways to use underwater video lights, understanding white balance, B-roll for your story, music selection, and so much more. 
Taught by Todd Kortte

Introduction to Underwater Photography

Tuesday, October 22nd at 6PM - $99
Equipment, settings, lighting, use of your strobe, composition, macro, wide-angle, black backgrounds, subject selection, and camera maintenance are all covered. Class is tailored to the needs of the students, and is also suitable for intermediate level photographers.
Taught by Mark Strickland

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Upcoming Social Nights in our Store

Come meet fellow scuba divers during our bi-monthly social nights! Socialize over free food and drinks including beer and wine, learn from exciting guest speakers, and participate in discussions relating to underwater photography and dive travel. We often have free raffles, special giveaways or deals, and other great benefits for all who attend.

Events are held at our Culver City location.


Channel Islands Conservation Night

Wednesday, December 11th at 6PM

with Merrill McCauley from Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park rangers protect the natural resources and wildlife of the Channel Islands, and keep safe the visitors who come to enjoy one of our country’s most beautiful national parks. Learn how rangers monitor and maintain the islands and their Marine Protected Areas, as well as what divers can do to help protect Channel Islands National Park.

Join us for free pzza, beer & wine, an exciting presentation, raffle prizes, and socializing with fellow divers!




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