Underwater Photo & Video Rentals

Rentals for Camera, Underwater Housings, Strobes, Lights and Lenses

Interested in trying out an underwater camera or renting an underwater housing before buying? Going on a trip and just want to rent for a few days? We have all the gear to get you set up and ready to go. Our underwater housing rental inventory includes several different compact, mirrorless and dSLR housing options. We have ports to support the most popular underwater lenses including the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, Canon 16-35, Canon & Nikon 24-70mm, Canon 17-40mm, Macro options (60mm, 100mm or 105mm) and more. Underwater housing accessories and cameras are also available.

In addition we also rent strobes, underwater video lights, focus lights and wet lenses.

  • Discount up to 50% on rentals when booking with Bluewater Dive Travel.
  • We offer shipping on all rental gear. 
  • Prices are per day
  • Weekly underwater housing rental is 3 times the daily rate (3-day week)
  • For rentals over 1 week and/or additional equipment such as ports, video & focus lights, and wet lenses - kindly email or call us so we can create a customized rate for you.


We also offer discounts for extended rentals longer than 1 week.
Call us at 310-633-5052 or email us for a quote.


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Full Frame

Nikon D850 Housing

A  high end, full frame DSLR from Nikon, this camera features a stunning 45.7 MP resolution with incredibly fast autofocus speeds.  The improved processor allows for better rapid fire rates (7 fps) with a large 51 shot RAW buffer.   It also has low ISO 64 base which is useful in capturing stunning sunbursts. In addition, the high ISO performance in low light is top notch.  For video, it captures 4K which utilizes the entire sensor at up to 30 fps

Canon 5D Mark IV Housing

The Canon 5D Mark IV excels on both photos and videos. Photographers will love the  61 autofocus points for fast focusing and reliable tracking. the 30 megapixel provides high resolution and dynamic range. For videos, it showcases the motion capture feature and is capable to take 4K @30fps.

Sony A7R III Housing

 Sony A7R III which offers a 42.4 megapixel full frame sensor packed in a small body.  The camera boasts its performance, versatility and photo & video quality.

Sony A7 II, Sony A7r II or Sony A7s II Housing 

The Sony A7 II camera blends a full frame (36mm x 24mm) sensor into a camera body that is essentially the same size as many "compact" cameras. The A7 II offers improved auto-focus over the original A7 camera. The result is a stunning blend of high resolution image quality and compactness. Pair this camera with the new Nauticam Housing for a stunning underwater rig with complete lens and accessory support.


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Cropped Sensor

Nikon D500 Housing

The Nikon D500 features impecable speed for autofocus and continuous shooting. In addition to that, it has an exceptional 200 shot RAW buffer.  Other key features are 153 focus points, 10 fps continuous shooting speed and it also captures 4K video.

Designed to meet the demands of photographers and videographers who want a camera that can provide a wide range of artistic opportunities. With a winning combination of cutting-edge operations and a robust, ergonomic design, it is optimized to make even the most challenging photography simple and easy.


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Compact Cameras

Sony RX-100 (IV, V, VI) Housing

This is our most popular compact camera. Its small, easy to use and can be paired with strobes or wet lenses to create a perfect package. The camera allows for easy manual control and pairs really well with different wet lenses.

Nauticam RX100 VI

Nauticam RX100 IV   |   Nauticam RX100 V



GoPro Hero6 & Hero7 + Super Suit Housing

GoPro Hero6 is bundled with the Super Suit Housing is a great option to carry a very compact and light during underwater camera rig.  It takes awesome photos and videos.  When partnered with the Super Suit Housing, would could bring the combo up to 60 meters.


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Strobe Rentals

Flash Triggers

  • Canon Flash Trigger
  • Sony Flash Trigger

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Video & Focus Light Rentals

     Ultraviolet Light rentals

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Wet Lenses

Other Rentals

  • Ultralight Arms and Clamp components

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Compact Cameras Underwater Settings


Guided Trips & Photo Workshop:

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