Underwater Photo & Video Rentals

Underwater Camera & Housing Rentals

Interested in trying out an underwater camera or renting an underwater housing before buying? Going on a trip and just want to rent for a few days? We have all the gear to get you set up and ready to go. Our underwater housing rental inventory includes several different compact, mirrorless and dSLR housing options. We have ports and accessories to support these housing available as well. Cameras are also available.

In addition we also rent strobes, underwater video lights, focus lights and wet lenses.

Compact Camera & Housing Rentals

Mirrorless Camera & Housing Rentals

dSLR Camera & Housing Rentals


  • Prices are per day
  • Weeky underwater housing rental is 3 times the daily rate (3-day week)
  • Email us or call for rates for more than 1 week, or for adding additional lights/ports

We also offer discounts for extended rentals longer than 1 week.

Call us at 310-633-5052 or email us for a quote.

Rental Options:

We offer rentals on housings and cameras, as well as full underwater set ups with strobes or video lights. If you're unsure what would be the best option for you, check out our recmomendations below.

Production shoots & professional underwater rentals

  • Canon 5D Mark III or IV housing rental
    • ​Including support for the 17-40mm F4 in a flat port for unbelieveably tack-sharp pool shots of models, swimmers, etc, plus many other lenses
  • Nikon D4 housing rental
  • Nikon D800 / D810 housing rentals
    • For full-frame cameras, we We support all the major lenses like the 16-35mm F4 VR, 24-70mm and more.
  • Panasonic GH3 & GH4 housing rental
    • We support all major GH3/GH4 lenses like the 7-14mm and 12-35mm lenses.
  • Sony A7S II or A7R II + Nauticam housing rental
    • We support all major  lenses including the Sony 16-35mm F4, Sony 24-70mm F4, and 28mm, 35mm, 55mm primes
  • Sony A6300 + Nauticam housing

Rentals - Great for Beginners:

Sony RX-100 (I, II, III or IV) camera + housing rental - this is our most popular compact camera. Its small, easy to use and can be paired with strobes or wet lenses to create a perfect package. The camera allows for easy manual control and pairs really well with different wet lenses. All three versions of this camera are very similar. We recommend the I or II for best macro ability.

Canon S95 camera + housing rental- The Canon S95 is a great model with a really nice built in macro focus mode. The camera and housing allow manual controls, though it is slightly limited. The housing pairs well with different wet lenses.

Canon G12 or G16 camera + housing rental - the Canon G series offers slightly better image quality than the S95, but it is a little bigger with more functions. This option is great for the advanced beginner or someone looking to have a little more to play around with in terms of manual controls. Excellent wide angle is available with the G12 and Recsea housing with the UWL-04 Lens and dry adapter. The G16 and Fantasea housing is a great small option and pairs nicely with the Super Wide Angle lens. Both options have excellent macro built into the camera which can also be enhanced with a wet diopter.

Fantasea G16 + Canon G16 rental

Nauticam G7X + Canon G7X rental

Rentals - Intermediate or Advanced:

Olympus E-PM1 camera + housing rental - The E-PM1 is a great small mirrorless camera. This would work well for even beginners who want something more than a compact camera. Interchangeable lenses on the camera allow for better quality wide angle and macro. Camera, housing and lens options are available for rent.

Olympus OM-D E-M5, E-M5 Mark II or E-M1 housing rental - The OMD line takes mirrorless cameras to the next level. Rent the Nauticam housing with ports for excellent quality. The E-M1 camera is also available for rental. These cameras offer more features and a lot of customization ability, we recommend the OM-D cameras for intermediate and above shooters.

Panasonic GH3 or GH4 Housing -rental (GH5 coming soon)  This is an excellent choice for high end video. The Nauticam housing fits both the GH3 or GH4 camera and we offer a variety of ports to match the lens you want to shoot with. Most lenses and the camera bodies are also available for rent, along with a good selection of video lights.

Sony A7r II & Sony A7s II housing rentals

We rent the camera, lenses, housings and ports for underwater photography and videography. Video lights and strobes are also available.

dSLR underwater housings

Nauticam Nikon D4

Nauticam Canon 7D Mark II

Nauticam Nikon D7200

Sea & Sea Nikon D800 & D810

Sea & Sea Canon 5D Mark III & Mark IV

We rent underwater housings for popular dSLR cameras including the Canon 5D MKIII, Nikon D7100, Nikon D4 and Nikon D800.  Housings, ports and cameras are available, and we have ports to support the most popular underwater lenses including the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye, Canon 16-35, Canon & Nikon 24-70mm, Canon 17-40mm, Macro options (60mm, 100mm or 105mm) and more.

Call us at 310-633-5052 or email us for more information.


Video Light rentals

  • iTorch video Pro 7  & Venom 50 - 5,000 lumen light
  • iTorch video Pro 6 - 2,400 lumen light
  • Light & Motion Sola 1,200 lumen video light 
  • Keldan 8M 8,000 lumen video light

Ultraviolet Light rentals

  • Dyron Solaris 4,200 lumen ultraviolet flourescent light
  • Sola Nightsea ultraviolet flourescent light

Other Rentals:

  • Sea & Sea YS-D1 & YS-D2 Strobe
  • Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe
  • Light & Motion Sola 1200, 800 Photo Lights for video or focusing

Call us at 310-633-5052 or email us for more information, rental availability or for a full quote.