Underwater Camera Rental

Underwater Camera Rental

Are you interested in an underwater camera rental or renting an underwater housing before buying? Going on a trip and just want to rent a camera or housing for a few days? We have all the gear to get you set up and ready to go. Our underwater camera rental inventory includes several different compact, mirrorless and DSLR housing options, as well as plenty of underwater housing options. We have ports to support the most popular underwater lenses for both macro and wide-angle applications. Underwater housing accessories and cameras are also available.

In addition to our underwater camera rental service...

We also rent underwater housings, strobes, lenses, underwater video lights, focus lights and wet lenses. Below are some of the benefits of choosing Bluewater Photo for your underwater camera rental and underwater housing rental needs. 

  • Discount up to 25% on rentals when booking with Bluewater Dive Travel
  • We offer domestic shipping on all rental gear. (Minimum of 2-day shipping for Hawaii and Alaska) 
  • Prices are per day
  • Weekly underwater housing rental is three times the daily rate (three-day week)
  • For rentals over one week and/or additional equipment such as ports, video & focus lights, and wet lenses - kindly email or call us so we can create a customized rate for you.
We also offer discounts for extended rentals longer than 1 week.
Call us at 310-633-5052 or email us for a quote.


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Professional Video / Product Shoots

Nauticam Sony A7S III Housing

The Sony A7S III is an excellent video-oriented full frame mirrorless camera. The camera wide range of options available from frame rates to bit rates and codecs to picture profiles. It can record 4K video up to 120fps for slow motion and stable video, with 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording for the best color science Sony has to offer.

Nauticam Sony A7S III Best Underwater Video Package


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Mirrorless Camera Housings


Nauticam Panasonic GH5 Housing

Nauticam has designed the housing to be small and compact but not at the expense of funcionality and ergonomics.  It also features integrated handles which provides a comfortable and sturdy base.  Shutter lever, AEL/AFL lever and control dials are also well placed for easy operation.  The housing also features a full size “Type A” HDMI Connector to the camera which provides a reliable connection for external monitors  A very popular choice for an underwater video camera rental.


Nauticam Canon EOS R5 Housing

Nauticam has consantly reinventing their underwater housings to provide the best experience when shooting. The ergonomics of the NA-EOS R5 is excellent, all controls are readily available at your fingertips. Aside from having a small footprint, it can also withstand a beating. It is constructed from high quality aluminum which provides robustness and can last a very long time. It is also packed with tons awesome features!


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Compact Cameras

Sony RX-100 (IV, VI) Housing

This is our most popular compact camera. It's small, easy to use and can be paired with strobes or wet lenses to create a perfect package. The camera allows for easy manual control and pairs really well with different wet lenses.

Olympus TG5 PT-058 Housing

The Olympus PT-058 underwater housing for the TG-5 is a housing that is compact and lightweight with great ergonomics.  This is a perfect underwater camera rental for a short trip, or for a backup camera. The housing has a depth rating of 45m (147ft).  All camera controls can be accessible from the housing with ease.  The housing can also accept different kinds of wet lenses whether for wide angle or for macro. 


Camera Lenses, Ports, Zoom and Focus Gears

A modest selection of some of the most popular underwater shooting options. Contact us for more information.

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Strobe Rentals

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Underwater Light Rentals

     Video Lights

     Focus Lights

     Ultraviolet Lights

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Wet Lenses

Other Rentals

  • Ultralight Arms and Clamp components

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