TTL Converter and Flash Triggers Guide

TTL Converter and Flash Triggers Guide

TTL Converter and Flash Triggers Guide

TTL Converters and Flash Triggers are electronics that trigger your underwater strobe to fire when using your underwater camera. They replace using your camera's internal flash to trigger the strobe.

What is a Flash Trigger?

This is a small electronic component that can replace the functionality of your camera's internal flash.  It uses 2 small LED lights and is attached to your camera's hotshoe. it uses fiber optics to fire the strobe. There are a few advantages of using a flash trigger, first, fast recycle time.  Instead of waiting for your internal flash to recycle, this would be much quicker since it is just using 2 small LED lights.  Secondly, this would save on your cameras battery life, since it has its own battery and would not eat up your camera's battery life.  Another advantage, it that it has less heat build-up inside the housing. One downside of flash triggers is that most can not be used in TTL mode. Learn more in our blog post, Flash Triggers and Underwater Strobes

What is a TTL Converter?

This is also a small electronic component which can be attached to your camera inside the housing.  It is similar to a flash trigger, but it has the additional capability of TTL functionality. The strobe can be fired via either fiber optics, or an electronic sync cord.


Quick Reference:


Types of TTL Converters:

  • Optical TTL in Strobe - TTL function is built into the strobe, e.g. YS-D2 or Inon Z240
  • Electrical TTL Converter -  An electronic component which can trigger the strobe via electronic signal with the use of sync cord. Most Sea & Sea TTL Converters were this style until they recently switched to an Optical TTL converter style
  • Optical TTL Converter - An electronic component which can trigger the strobe via an LED light with the use of fiber optic cable, giving the best of 3 worlds - using fiber optics, being able to shoot quickly without waiting for an internal flash to recycle and having more accurante TTL functionality than the TTL capability built into strobes

Flash Trigger Options:


Flash Trigger Housing Compatibility:

Nauticam Trigger
Nauticam Trigger 
Nauticam Trigger 
Nauticam Trigger 
D4 / D4S 5D Mk III A7, A7R, A7S EM1 GH4 A7II, A7RII, A7SII
D800 5DS / 5DSR   EM5 Mk II    
D810 1DX / 1DC        
D600 / D610 1DX Mk II        
D7200 6D        

TTL Options:

Ikelite Housings & Ikelite Strobes



Ikelite Internal TTL Converter
Ikelite TTL Converter for Nikon cameras, Ikelite Strobes
(Non-Ikelite Housing)
Aquatica Canon Housings TTL Converter for Ikelite Strobes
 Available to most Ikelite Housings D2X, D3, D4
  D40, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90 7D Mk II (Pre-installed)
  D200, D300, D300s 70D
  D600, D610, D700, D750 5D Mk III
  D800, D810 1DX Mk II
  D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300  
  D7000, D7100, D7200  

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Sea & Sea Housings


Optical TTL YS Converters
5D Mk III ver II
5DS / 5DSR
7D Mk II

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Nauticam Housings


Optical TTL Converter for Canon
UW Technics TTL Converter
UW Technics TTL Converter
1DX Mk II D5 D600 / D610
1DX D500 D750
5DS / 5DSR   D7200
5D Mk III   D800
6D   D810
7D Mk II   D4 / D4S

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Aquatica Housings


UW Technics TTL Converter  Canon Housing TTL for Ikelite Strobes
Nikon D5 5DS, 5DSR
Nikon D500 7D Mk II

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Using your Pop-up Flash  

Many strobes have built-in TTL functionality. The TTL mode of your strobe can be used with the strobes below using the camera's built-in flash.

Strobes with TTL Functionality:


Housing Reference

Aquatica Housings:

Aquatica A1DX Mk II Housing Aquatica A5D MkIII Housing  Aquatica A5DS Housing Aquatica A7D Mk II Housing 
Aquatica A80D Housing Aquatica A70D Housing Aquatica AD5 Housing Aquatica AD500 Housing 

Nauticam Housings:

Nauticam NA-1DX Mk II Housing Nauticam NA-1DX Housing Nauticam NA-5DSR Housing Nauticam NA-5D Mk III Housing
Nauticam NA-7D Mk II Housing Nauticam NA-80D Housing Nauticam NA-70D Housing Nauticam NA-6D Housing
Nauticam NA-D5 Housing Nauticam NA-D4 Housing Nauticam NA-D810 Housing Nauticam NA-D800 Housing
Nauticam NA-7200 Housing Nauticam NA-D750 Housing Nauticam NA-D600 Housing Nauticam NA-D500 Housing

Sea & Sea Housings:

Sea & Sea MDX-5DMKIII v2 Housing Sea & Sea MDX for 5DS 5DSR Housing Sea & Sea MDX-7DMKII Housing Sea & Sea MDX-80D Housing
Sea & Sea MDX-70D Housing Sea & Sea MDX-D7200 Housing Sea & Sea MDX-D7100 Housing  

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Information on the different TTL Converters and Flash Triggers Available.