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The Nikon Z9 is a high-performance camera that has revolutionized the world of photography. With its cutting-edge features and exceptional image quality, it has become the go-to choice for professional photographers. However, to truly unlock the camera's full potential, underwater enthusiasts need to invest in a reliable underwater housing, with several options being available on the market, including Nauticam, Marelux, Aquatic and Aquatech.

The Nikon Z9 has a 45.7 MP BSI stacked CMOS sensor that offers fast readout speeds, reduces rolling shutter, and produces high-quality images with minimal noise at higher sensitivities. The sensor also allows for video recording at up to 8K, and has a native ISO range of 64-25600 that can be expanded to 32-102400. The Z9 also has 493-point phase-detection covering the entire sensor area, and can autofocus at frame rates of up to 120 fps.


Nauticam Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing

*Excellent Ergonomics, User-friendly, Durable*

The Nauticam Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing is built from aircraft grade aluminum which makes it durable and light weight. Camera controls are very easy to access with buttons, levers, and knobs all within easy reach. It also comes with a vacuum valve pre-installed for ultimate peace of mind. Nauticam housings are universally popular and this housing is rated to 100 meters depth.

Ikelite Nikon Z9 200DL Underwater Housing

*Affordable, Well-built, Easy to Use*

The Ikelite Nikon Z9 200DL Underwater Housing is built from a high quality, corrosion free ABS-PC blend polycarbonate housing which makes it sturdy and impervious to corrosion. The housing offers full control of the camera with controls that are designed to be easy to use. 

This housing is great for anyone looking for an amazing price point. It's also important not to overlook some Ikelite-specific housing features like the fast and accurate Ikelite to Canon TTL converter or a trim rail system which balances the buoyancy of large dome ports (great for video). The Ikelite Z9 housing features a clear back so you can easily monitor the housing for any leaks. The built-in vacuum system adds an extra level of protection from such events.

Marelux Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing

*Made from Durable Alluminum Alloy, Innovative Features*

The Marelux Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing is an excellent aluminum underwater housing which is built to last and can withstand a beating even in the harshest conditions. In addition, their housings have incredibly durable anodization to protect it from scratches. It also features a very secure housing & port locking system which ensures the safety of your camera while diving. Camera controls are also readily available at your fingertips.

Aquatica Nikon Z6 II, Z7 II Underwater Housing

*Affordable, Rugged, Compact*

The Aquatica Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing is a very rugged anodized aluminum housing. It's controls are intelligently designed so that all controls are within a fingers distance from the handle. The housing is equipped with a surveyor monitor system (leak detection). There are two ports available that can be used with an HDMI monitor, vacuum system, or a remote control. The housing is rated to 90m/300 ft.

AquaTech Nikon Z9 Edge Water Housing

*Fantastic for Surf and Snorkeling*

The AquaTech Nikon Z7 II Z6 II Edge Housing is an amazing underwater housing for snorkeling & surf shooting. The Footprint is small & compact and is made from polycarbonate material which makes it lightweight. Setting up the camera to the housing is also a breeze. Camera operation is simple and easy to use. It is only rated to 10m/33ft which makes it perfect for shallow shooting, and capturing awesome surf and split shots. 2 color options to choose from - orange and grey..

About the Nikon Z9 Camera

The Nikon Z9 is a high-performance camera designed to deliver exceptional image quality and advanced features for professional photographers. It boasts a 45.7 MP BSI stacked CMOS sensor, which offers fast readout speeds, reduces rolling shutter effects, and produces high-quality images with minimal noise, even at higher sensitivities.

In addition to its impressive still photography capabilities, the Nikon Z9 is also a powerhouse for videography. It supports video recording up to 8K resolution, allowing filmmakers to capture stunning footage with incredible detail. With a native ISO range of 64-25600 (expandable to 32-102400), the camera performs exceptionally well in low-light conditions, making it a versatile tool for underwater shooting.

The Z9 features a 493-point phase-detection autofocus system that covers the entire sensor area, enabling quick and accurate focusing. It can autofocus at frame rates of up to 120 fps, making it ideal for capturing fast-moving subjects underwater. With its robust build quality, weather sealing, and advanced image stabilization, the Nikon Z9 is a reliable companion for underwater photographers seeking to push the boundaries of their creativity.

The Nikon Z9 is a powerful camera that opens up a world of possibilities for underwater photography. Investing in a reliable underwater housing is crucial to unlock the camera's full potential and capture stunning images beneath the surface. Nauticam, Marelux, Aquatica, and Aquatech housings offer exceptional features, durability, and control, catering to the diverse needs of underwater photographers.

Key Features & Specifications

  • 45.7 megapixel, full frame stacked CMOS sensor
  • Expeed 7 image processor
  • 2X CF Express Type B and XQD memory card slots
  • 3.7 million dot EVF (electronic viewfinder) - blackout-free
  • 30 sec to 1/32,000 shutter speed - no mechanical shutter
  • flash sync speed up to 1/200 sec
  • 20 fps continuous shooting speed with uncompressed RAW, 30fps with full res JPG, 120 fps with 11 MP JPEG
  • ISO Range: 64 - 25,600
  • Low light AF sensitivity down to -8.5 EV
  • AI-based subject detection and tracking - Eye AF for peopls, pets, birds
  • AF calculations are made 120 times per second
  • 5 axis in-body image-stabilization (IBIS) - enhanced with Synchro VR - up to 6 stops of correction
  • 8K/30p & 4K/120p, 10-bit 4:2:2 video recording (no overheating!)
  • 4k/30p video oversampled from 8K
  • N-Log video recording internally
  • 2022 firmware updates promise 12-bit 8K/60p RAW recording internally and native N-RAW file format
  • Minimal distortion from rolling shutter
  • Dimensions: 5.9" X 5.9" X 3.6"

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