Underwater Macro Options

Best Options for Shooting  Underwater Macro


Subsee +5 wet diopter

    subsee +5 wet diopter for underwater macro


  • Sharpest option.
  • Retains full strength underwater
  • Excellent choice for compacts or dSLRs
  • Not stackable. 67mm threaded mount
  • Diopter costs $195
  • See the sample images





Dyron +7 2-element wet diopter

    dyron +7 macro lens for underwater macro photography


  • Very sharp, lightweight diopter
  • Retains full strength underwater
  • Excellent choice for compacts or dSLRs
  • Can be stacked. 67mm threaded mount
  • Cost is $179








Subsee +10 wet diopter

  • Strongest diopter - gives the most magnification for the tiniest subjects
  • Retains full strength underwater
  • Not stackable, but you don't need to stack this diopter
  • 67mm threaded mount
  • Cost of this diopter is $219


Macro Lens Adapters


Compact camera adapters

We have Dyron 67mm macro lens adapters available for all Canon, Ikelite, Olympus, FIX, Panasonic, Sony, and Recsea compact & mirrorless underwater housings. Most are $40-$65. If you don't see what you need, just ask.

dSLR housing adapters

We have Dyron 77mm macro lens adapters available for Ikelite, Hugyfot, Subal, and Seacam underwater housings. Nauticam macro ports are already 67mm threaded. Cost is $100 - $119.95

Subsee flip-diopter adapters - the best way to shoot supermacro

We carry custom made Reefnet Subsee flip adapters for Aquatica, Sea & Sea, Ikelite, Hugyfot, Subal, Patima, Nauticam, Nexus, Sealux, Seatool, and Seacam dSLR housings. and Ikelite G10/G11/G12 housings. Cost is $150 - $250, depending on the housing & port. These innovative adapters allow you to easily flip your wet diopter out of the way - making it very easy to switch back and forth from supermacro underwater.



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