Best Underwater Video Lights

Underwater video lights are essential tools for capturing high-quality footage in the depths of the ocean. These specialized lights are designed to provide sufficient illumination in the challenging underwater environment, allowing videographers and photographers to showcase the beauty of marine life and underwater landscapes. Underwater video lights are specifically designed to overcome the challenges of shooting in low-light conditions, as water absorbs light, making it crucial to have a reliable source of illumination. These lights are built to withstand the pressure and corrosive nature of saltwater, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Choosing an underwater video light can be challenging in a market saturated with options. Check out our recommendations below for a variety of high quality, feature-rich video lights.

When choosing underwater video lights, it is important to consider factors such as power source, battery life, and compatibility with camera equipment. Some lights are designed to be mounted directly onto camera housings or attachable arms, providing flexibility in terms of positioning and angling. It is also worth noting that certain video lights offer different lighting modes, such as continuous lighting or strobe mode, providing versatility for different shooting scenarios. This will affect the lumen power you're looking for. Generally, we recommend looking for a high power video light when you are shooting in bright conditions or with a wide angle lens. This allows you to match the background ambient light with a bright foreground video light for optimal color and contrast. Are you shooting a wide angle lens and need wide beam coverage to match? Do you need a versatile light with added features like a narrow beam (often used to signal buddies as a dive light), a red beam (for helping the camera focus without scaring shy marine life) or creative options such as UV leds. If you want a colorful spotlight to add a little creative flare to your photography, then you may want to consider a light with a colorful RGB mode like the Kraken Sports Hydra 4000 WRGBU. Choose the light that best suits your shooting needs and price point.

Professional underwater video lights are essential for adding color, details, and contrast to your underwater video - whether you are shooting an 8K or 4K documentary for Netflix or capturing creative content for your YouTube channel or Instagram reel. Our top-of-the-line, pro-level video lights offer features beyond the capabilities of a normal underwater video light. They feature the highest quality LED's, construction and performance. High power professional lights are often limited to a single, elegant wide white beam. Their purpose is only to bring accurate colors out of your underwater scene.

Best All Around Underwater Video Lights

Kraken Sports Hydra 4000 WRGBU Video Light

*Best Overall Choice"

Key Features

  • 4000 Lumens
  • Burst Mode Feature (6000Lumens)
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90
  • Color Temperature: 5000K
  • Wide 120° Beam
  • 75 Mins Burn Time at Full Power

The Kraken Sports Hydra 4000 Video Light is a compact and powerful video light and has tons of awesome features also found in its "big brother", the Hydra 8000. This video light puts out a whopping 4000 lumens. In addition, the video light has built in WRGBU LEDs which allows you to use the red as focus light, blue for floro and other colors for creative shots. Controlling the video light is also very easy with its three-button control system. The video light also features a burst mode. It can act as a strobe when attached to your camera via a fiber optic cable and, furthermore, it is compatible with the Kraken universal remote. The Kraken Hydra 4000 truly is a must-have video light!

If you want 2000 more lumens of power, the Kraken Sports Hydra 6000 WRGBU Video Light is a great option.

Kraken Sports Hydra 8000 WRGBU Video Light

"Powerful, Great Features, Multicolor RGB and Professional Level"

Key Features

  • 8,000 Lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 120° on land and 100° underwater
  • RGB LED - red for focus light, blue for floro and others for creative shots
  • Strobe Burst Mode
  • Higher color rendering index of 90
  • burn time of 58min at full power

The Kraken Sports Hydra 8000 Video Light is compact and small for its high performance power. Aside from having an 8000 lumens output, the video light has built in RGB LEDs which allows you to use the red as focus light, blue for floro and other colors for creative shots. This is also highly recommended to to anyone who is plannnig on capturing even wide angle video. In addition the light offers a strobe mode, emitting a more powerful burst when connected to the camera via a fiber optic cable. The Hydra 8000 is compatible with the Kraken universal remote so you don't always have to reach over to operate the light when diving.

Best Underwater Video Lights for Professional Underwater Video

Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15,000

"Powerful, Great Features, Multicolor RGB and Professional Level"

Key Features

  • 15,000 Lumen Output
  • Wide Beam Angle of 115°
  • OLED Dashboard Display
  • Fast Charging Technology
  • Innovative Dome for Wide-Angle Shots

The Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000 is designed for photographers and videographers who want the best. It provides a high volume output of 15,000 lumens of light in a small and compact body. The beam is even and without any hotspots. Another great feature of the Sola 15,000 light is that it is factory sealed, so there are no o-rings to maintain. We say this light is for "photographers" as well as videographers, because it's so bright that we have been able to take wide angle photos with it!

Kraken Sports Hydra 15000 WRGBU Video Light

"Powerful, Great Features, Multicolor RGB and "Small & Compact, Powerful Output, Burst Mode" Level"

Key Features

  • Powerful output of 15,000 lumens
  • Burst mode of 18,000 lumens
  • WRGBUE - Red for focus light, blue for floro and other colors for creative shots
  • Easy knob and button operation with LCD screen
  • CRI 90
  • Beam angle of 120°
  • Burn time of 60 mins at max power

The Kraken Sports Hydra 15000 WRGBU Video Light is a compact and powerful video light and has tons of awesome features. The video lights packs a serious punch with its whopping 15000 lumens output. In addition, the video light has built in RGB LEDs which allows you to use the red as focus light, blue for floro and other colors for creative shots. Controlling the video light is also very easy with its button & dial functions, plus, it has an LCD screen to get important information such as burn time remaining, level and mode. The video light can also be adjusted using the Kraken Remote Control via fiber optic cable (up to two video lights). It also has a built in dome which gives you a smooth and even light dispersion. The video light also features its burst mode. It can act as a strobe when attached to your camera via fiber optic cable. It is also compatible with the Kraken remote as well. Truly the Kraken Hydra 15000 is a must have video light!

Looking for a more affordable Kraken 15,000 lumen light with no RGBU features? Check out the Kraken Solar Flare Mini 15,000.

Big Blue 18,000 Lumen Pro Mini, Tri-Color Video Light

*High Power, with Multiple Light Modes*

Key Features

  • Maximum output of 18,000 Lumens
  • Ultra wide 160° beam angle
  • Rechargeable Li-ion 18650×7 battery pack which provides 2 hours burn time
  • Depth rating: 100m

The Big Blue 18,000 Lumen Pro Mini, Tri-Color Video Light is the ultimate solution for capturing stunning underwater footage. With its exceptional brightness of 18,000 lumens, this video light ensures your shots are perfectly illuminated in any shooting situation. What sets this video light apart is its Tri-Color feature, offering a standard cool white light, a red focus light, and a warm white light. The warm white light accurately reproduces skin tones and enhances the vibrancy of reds and oranges underwater, making your footage truly captivating.

Designed for flexibility and reliability, this video light boasts an ultra-wide 160° beam angle, providing broad coverage for your shots. The anodized aluminum housing guarantees rugged dependability, ensuring it can withstand the toughest underwater conditions.

Equipped with a rechargeable li-ion 18650×7 battery pack, this video light offers up to 2 hours of burn time on the maximum setting, giving you ample time to capture breathtaking footage. With six power settings available, you can adjust the intensity to conserve battery life as needed.

This video light features a secure double o-ring design and ships with spare o-rings for emergency situations. Additionally, the lithium batteries meet airline carry-on restrictions and are equipped with built-in protection circuits.

Keldan Video 8XR Ambient 18000lm Underwater Light

*Smooth Even Light, Easy Control, High CRI, Emits unique Ambient color equal to 6m in depth*

Key Features

  • Luminous Flux max.: 18'000 lm
  • Burntime max.: 35 minutes
  • Burntime min.: 1400 minutes
  • Soft, even and speckle free 110° beam angle in water
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Wireless Remote Control RC1 ready
  • CRI 86
  • Emits light spectrum equivalent to the ambient light at 6m depth

The Keldan Video 8XR 18,000 Lumen Light is one of the best video light out in the market. It boasts a whopping 18,000 lumens output with a unique designed LED that emits a light spectrum equivalent to the ambient light at 6m depth. The luminous flux is about two times higher than the Video 8XR 20000lm with an external AF 6B ambient filter.

It also has a wide beam angle of 110° underwater with a soft and even beam which prevents unwanted hotspots. As for build quality, you can always expect top-notch construction. The video light also features an integrated temperature protection which makes it useable even on land.

Best Underwater Video Lights for Macro Video and Videographers on a Budget

Light & Motion Sola Video 3800 Flood Light

"Reliable, Easy to Use, and Compact"

Key Features

  • 3,800 lumen flood output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Wide beam angle of 90° (up to 110° with optional dome port)
  • Smooth & consistent wide beam using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware
  • Easy to use magnetic slider switch
  • Run Time: High 50 mins, Med 100 mins and Low 200 mins.
  • Fast Charge system fully recharges the Li-ion battery 1 hr 45 min

The Light & Motion Sola Video 3800 has been one of our most popular lights for years. The light features a 90 degree beam and 3800 lumens of output - just the right amount for both wide angle and macro video...though we do recommend two lights for wide angle. The standout feature of the 3800 is that it is fully waterproof an containted. You don't need to take batteries out of the light so there is no risking a flood. You just plug the light directly into the charger. The Sola 3800 is also quite small and compact so you won't find it cumbersome if you need a small light for traveling.

Light & Motion Sola 2500F Video Light

"Special Low Price, Exclusively at Bluewater"

Key Features

  • 2,500 lumens
  • Beam angle of 60° underwater
  • Wide white beam, certified to the FL-1 Standard using CREE LED's
  • Easy to use magnetic slider switch
  • Battery life of 50 min on full power

The Sola Light & Motion Sola 2500F Video Light is a high quality, tiny video light perfect for all levels of videographers. This exclusive Bluewater light is perfectly priced, features a bright 2,500 lumens, and is easy to control through the unique Sola magnetic slider switch. The fully sealed design and rechargeable battery make for a safe and secure system. The small size is perfect for traveling. A single 2500 lumen beam is a little dim for wide angle video in bright conditions. So we either recommend purchasing two or considering a higher power light if you want to shoot wide angle video.

SeaLife Sea Dragon 5000+ with Color Boost

"One of the Top Video lights, High CRI, with Color Boost Feature"

Key Features

  • High performance Bridgelux GEN 8 V18 COB LED
  • Color Boost Mode & Advanced Mode
  • 5000 Lumens Output (up to 6000 Lumens max for 2 mins)
  • Color Rendering Index 90
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • 3.3Hrs Burn time @ 1500 Lumens & 1Hr @ 5000 Lumens + Color Boost

The compact Sea Dragon 5000+ with Color Boost™ Photo-Video light is a powerful photo, video, and dive light that replenishes lost colors underwater by combining red and white light frequencies for a balanced, warm effect. You may convert from a blinding 5000 lumen beam to the Color Boost feature, which adds warmth by leveraging the light's patented red LEDs to a warm color temperature of 3700 Kelvin, with just a single button push.   In order to save energy, brightness output can also be set to 6000 lumen for two minutes, 6000 lumen with Color Boost (4000K color temperature), 3000 lumen, 1500 lumen, and a red-only "Stealth" mode.   For night dives, the two red LEDs by themselves are ideal.

Best GoPro/Action Camera/Smartphone Underwater Video Light

Bluewater Photo GoPro Video Light

*Compact and powerful, with soft, wide, and even Beam*

Key Features

  • 1500 lumen, 100 degree white beam
  • Red beam for sneaking up on critters that can't see red light
  • SOS and strobe mode for safety
  • 90 minute burn time at full power
  • 21700 Lithium Ion battery with USB-C charger port and charging cable
  • Depth rating: 100 meters (330 ft)

The Bluewater Photo GoPro Video Light is a compact and powerful underwater video light that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of GoPro action cameras. Your underwater film will be brilliantly illuminated thanks to this focus light's remarkable 1500 lumen beam and 100-degree beam angle. The Bluewater Photo GoPro Video Light provides a soft, wide, and even illumination with its broad 100-degree beam angle. With such wide coverage, there won't be any shadows or dark areas in your video because your whole field of vision will be well-lit. The red beam mode of the Bluewater Photo video light is another distinctive characteristic. When you wish to approach marine life without frightening or upsetting it, this method is really helpful. With the help of the red beam, you may film without letting the animals know you're there, producing more authentic and captivating images.

SeaLife Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam

*Dual beam angle feature - spot & wide, comes with Tray*

Key Features

  • White light: 3000 lumens
  • Red light: 180 lumens
  • CRI: 90
  • Beam Angle - White Light: 90° underwater
  • Run Time - Wide Beam: 60 min at full power, 120 min at 50% power, 240 min at 25% power
  • Charge-Time: 170min
  • Depth rating: 100 meters (330 ft)

The SeaLife Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam is your perfect compact single video light set for your action camera or compact camera setup. The Sea Dragon 3000SF Dual Beam Video Light features dual beam angle feature - spot & wide. It also has a high CRI rating of 90 for 70 for spot, replicates natural sunlight which adds natural brilliance to your videos and stills. Operation is also very simple with its single button control. The set comes with a Flex-Connect Single Tray and grip, all you need to do is attach your camera housing and you're ready to shoot!

Best Underwater Focus Lights

Kraken Sports Hydra 1500+ WSR

*Small & Compact, With Auto-Off*

Key Features

  • Luminous Flux max.: 1500 flood, 800 spot
  • Color Temp: 5500K (flood) 6500K (spot)
  • Beam Angle: 100 Degrees Underwater Flood; 10 Degrees Underwater Spot
  • Burn Time: 85 minutes @ 100% flood
  • Switch: Dual push button on/off intensity adjustment with battery level indicator

The KrakenSports Hydra 1500+ WSR replaces the old Hydra 1200. By switching to a 21700 battery, we were able to raise the power to 1500 lumens. In order to charge the battery directly without a cradle, the new battery also features an integrated USB-C connector. With flood, spot, and red modes, the Hydra 1500 is an incredibly adaptable instrument that may be used as a regular dive torch or as a focus light. It has an automatic flash-off feature that the user can choose to turn on or off. When a strobe fires, the light automatically turns off (auto flash-off). Because it has built-in flood and spot beams and can be used for both side and back lighting, this light is also a favorite among macro shooters.

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