Must-Have GoPro Hero5 Black Accessories

Must-Have GoPro Hero5 Black Accessories

Must-Have GoPro Hero5 Black Accessories

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Last September 2016, GoPro has released their new addition to the Hero series, the Hero5 Black.  It is packed with great features.  Enhance your underwater shooting experience with these must have GoPro accessories. Here are our recommended accessorues you won't want to leave home without.


Super Suit Dive Housing

GoPro Hero5 Black does not come with the housing and it is essential for scuba divers and freedivers to have this in order to bring their GoPro deeper.  The Super Suit Dive housing has a depth rating of 60m (196 ft) when using the waterproof backdoor. 


Spare Battery

Don't even think of getting a GoPro Hero5 Black without a GoPro spare battery. You will regret it. Consider this item a mandatory purchase. One battery doesn't last long (typically about 60 minutes underwater, possibly less), and it takes a while to charge. Always have one or two spares ready to go.


Battery Charger

The GoPro Hero5 Black Dual Battery Charger will save you a lifetime of charging headaches.Without it you have to plug the USB cable into your GoPro camera to charge, meaning you cannot charge a battery and use the camera at the same time. This accessory charges 2 batteries at once. This allows you to charge a spare battery while you're using the camera, and quickly charge multiple batteries over night to be ready for the next day of diving.


Handle, Pole, Tray, Etc

When shooting underwater, you will need a way to supoort or extend the GoPro. The GoPro camera is so small and the frame so wide that often when people attempt to just hold the camera and shoot they end up with thier finger tips in frame! In addition, it is difficult to steady the camera when just holding it in your hand for nice smooth footage. Lastly, using a tray or other handle allows you to add lights and further improve your video / photo quality. Here are our top picks for GoPro Trays underwater.

Sea Life Aquapod: The Sea Life Aquapod is excellent for underwater video. This is for two reasons - first of all, the GoPro is very wide and needs to be close to the subject. Second of all, marine life doesn't like when you get close. It can extend just a little bit, or a lot, depending on your needs. This will allow you to photograph marine life like never before, such as dolphins swimming under your boat, skittish sharks, life in ponds, and much more. In addition, its great for those underwater selfies!




If you are diving underwater and want to take video of marine life behavior, schooling fish, other divers, etc. - you will want to keep the GoPro very still - which means you will want a tray with 2 handles. This will also allow you to mount a video light if you get one. The Ultralight Control System GoPro tray and handles for $129 is a nice modular system, an the handles can be reused with other underwater camera setups.



Other tray options include flexible arms for attaching video lights which allows you to fully adjust and place the lights for more creative lighting opportunities. Flex arms are light weight and easy to adjust. The Beneath the Surface GoPro Double Tray is a great option. BTS also offers the tray in a single handle version if you want a smaller tray and one video light.



Lastly a simple handle solution is sometimes all that is needed. The Ultralight Pistol Grip For GoPro is a great option, as a simple handle that is great for use both underwater and topside. The grip is also equiped with a ball mount which is great for attaching video lights to your setup.




Here's another great option from R-innovations tray which has dual handle which makes it more stable.  The tray and handle is prices at $110





Filters and Lenses

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Polar Pro Switchblade 5 for Hero5 Combo Filter, which only costs $70, is a must-have accessory for photographing fish and marine life while scuba diving. It consists of two flip filters - a red filter, and a macro lens. You can use either filter, lens or both at the same time.

FLIP5 Three Filter Kit, is also a great option which only cost $99.  It consists of 3 filters - shallow, dive and deep. Best filter solution for diving in all depths.

The red filter is vital to bringing back red and orange color if you are diving deeper than 10ft deep. This red filter strikes the perfect balance between bringing back vibrant colors without causing too much light loss, like some deep-water filters do. The red filter will work for subjects that are any distance away. Here are some options that you can choose from GoPro Hero5 Blue Water Snorkel FilterGoPro Hero5 Blue Water Dive Filter for Super SuitPolar Pro Hero5 Super Suit Red Filter and Polar Pro Hero5 Super Suit Aqua Filter

The Polar Pro Hero5 Macro Lens will allow you to get sharp images of subjects that are 12 inches away or closer. The GoPro does not focus closer than 12 inches, so the macro lens will make underwater photography of a myriad of small subjects possible.  It is also built from glass for which enhances sharpness and more resistant from scratches.

There is also the magenta filter available for shooting in green water, like freshwater lakes, quarries, etc. There are the options to choose from - GoPro Hero5 Green Water Dive Filter for Super Suit and Polar Pro Hero5 Super Suit Magenta Filter.


Video Lights

For the best possible color underwater, you will want to use a video light. Please note that video lights do not affect the entire scene, but only the subjects that are within a few feet or less of the camera. You will want the strongest video light possible, and two lights are better than one because the GoPro is very wide and it is difficult to light the entire scene with just one light.

The output of a video light is measured in Lumens, and we recommend using at least 500 lumens, and some professionals will use up to a 5,000 lumen light.

Here are some of our favorites:

Kraken Sports Hydra 2800 $449 (on sale from $529)

2800 lumens, built on a compact body with multiple modes such as flood, spot, red and UV beam.  It has also a wiide beam angle of 110 degrees underwater.

Kraken Sports Hydra 5000 $699

This 5000 lumen video light offer high performance at a lower cost. Light modes includes a flood, spot, red and UV beams which makes it a versitle video light.

Fix Neo 3000 DX II $599

FIX lights have technology and a build quality far above many other lights. The power of the light can be controlled in 1% increments. This 3000 lumen light is awesome!

Keldan 4X Flux Compact Video Light $1,370

For people who are willing to spend and are demanding only the best, this one is for you! The Keldan 4X Flux achieves remarkably accurate color rendition thanks to its even spectral distribution.

There are a variety of other great video lights available, check out our video light page for all options, including some higher lumen options for more professional video lighting.


Lighting Packages

We have created a few lighting packages for you. The packages include handle and/or a tray with video lights. There are a few options for you to choose from single handle to dual handle and from single video light to dual light as well. This will surely enhance your shooting experience. 


Sample Photos:

Shot taken with GoPro Hero5 Black with dual I-Torch Venom 38 video lights. Photo by: Brent Durand


Shot taken with GoPro Hero5 Black with dual I-Torch Venom 38 video lights. Photo by: Brent Durand


Shot taken with GoPro Hero5 Black with ambient light. Photo by: Brent Durand

Don't forget these must have accessories when assembling your underwater GoPro rig.