The Best Underwater Video Lights

Buyers Guide to Underwater Video Lights

Underwater, ambient light, and correcting filters can only take you so far. With light and color loss starting after just a few feet, successful videographers often rely on quality underwate video lights to reproduce the colors and beauty of the underwater world around them. Choosing an underwater video light can be challenging in a market saturated with options. Check out our recommendations below for a variety of high quality, feature rich video lights.

Important things to keep in mind when shopping video lights is your desired end result and shooting locations. Will you be diving deep or shooting where there is lots of bright light? This will affect the lumen power you're looking for. Are you shooting a wide angle lens and need wide beam coverage to match? Do you want a versatile light with added features like a narrow beam (often used to signal buddies as a dive light), a red beam (for helping the camera focus without scaring shy marine life) or creative options such as UV leds. Choose the light that best suits your shooting needs and price point.

Need more power or still looking for the best quality lights that professionals use, read our recommended Pro Video Lights Guide.


Best All Around Underwater Video Lights of 2020:

Kraken Sports Hydra 3500 S+ Video Light

*Best overall choice by far"

The Kraken Sports Hydra 3500S+ Video Light is a multi-use light with user changeable batteries. It is our top quality light at a great price. The video light also features a burst mode which acts as a strobe. It is like getting 2 products rolled into 1. The video light also features 9 different color output which is great for producing creating lighting shots.

  • 3500 Lumens 
  • Burst Mode Feature (4500 Lumens)
  • 9 Different Color Output
  • Flood, Spot, UV
  • Power Regulated
  • Affordable 

Kraken Sports Hydra 5000 S+ Video Light

*Powerful, Great Features and Professional*

The Kraken Sports Hydra 5000 S+ Video Light is a high performance video light at a lower price point. It can be used as a universal light as it features a spot, flood, red and UV beams. In addition the light offers a strobe mode, emitting a more powerful burst when connected to the camera via a fiber optic cable. It can also be controlled by an optional remote control from Kraken Sports.

  • 5,000 Lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 110°
  • Wide, Spot, Red & UV Beams
  • Strobe Burst Mode
  • Higher color rendering index of 90
  • Long burn time of 70min at full power

iTorch Venom 60

*Powerful, Great for Creative Shooting*

Best Bang for the Buck And Lumens to $ Ratio!

The iTorch Venom 60 Underwater Video Light boasts a 6,000 lumen output with a high CRI rating of 80, encased in a small and compact body. It is lightweight and great to travel with. One unique feature of the video light is its RGB spot light output. 

  • A bright 6,000 Lumens bright output
  • CRI Rating of 80
  • RGB Light Output
  • Multiple modes which includes 10 levels of white & red, Spot RGB, Spot White
  • Double O-Ring Seal
  • Compatible with  iTorch Remote Control 


Best Underwater Video Lights for Macro Video and Videographers on a Budget:

Fisheye Fix Neo Premium 4030 EF II Video Light

*Domed Port, Digital Display, Programmable*

The Fisheye Fix Neo Premium 4030 EF II Video Light is an awesome video light packed with great features. It offers a 3,000 lumen output with 120° beam angle provided by domed port. The light dispersion is even and does not create any hotspots. The light is easy to use and flexible - allowing for power adjustments from 0-100 in 1% increments. One great feature of the light is the Electronic Flash Mode. When connected to your camera via fiber optic cable, the light can emit a powerful burst similar to a strobe, perfect for grabbing a quick photo during your video shoot.

  • 3,000 Lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 120° (with domed front)
  • Clean even wide light beam
  • Electronic Flash Mode produces 4000 lumen burst.
  • Digital Display, adjustable in 1% increments
  • Battery life of 50 minutes on full power

Light & Motion Sola Video 3800 Flood Light

*Reliable, Easy to Use and Compact*

The Light & Motion Sola Video 3800 Flood Light is a super compact, high quality video light. It features a bright 3,800 lumens and an even quality light beam produced from high end LED's. Simple to use with a unique magnetic slider switch and fully sealed to prevent flooding the light is perfect for travel and able to take a beating through continued use.

  • 3,800 lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 90° (up to 110° with optional dome port)
  • Smooth & consistent wide beam using the best CREE LEDs and enhanced firmware
  • Easy to use magnetic slider switch
  • Battery life of 50 minutes on full power

Big Blue VTL3500P Video Light

*Easy to Use and Longer Battery Life *

The Big Blue VTL3500P Video Light offers power in a small and compact body. It features both a wide and narrow beams making it versatile. In addition, it also has a double o-ring design which adds security against flooding. One outstanding feature of the video light is its battery life. It could reach 1.5hrs of burn time at full power.

  • Powerful light at 3,500 lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 120°
  • Features both wide spot beams
  • Easy one button push control with dual o-ring seal
  • Long battery life up to 1.5hrs at full power and 15hrs in lowest setting

Light & Motion Sola 2500F Video Light

*Special Low Price, Exclusively at Bluewater*

The Sola Light & Motion Sola 2500F Video Light is a high quality, tiny video light perfect for all levels of photographer. This exclusive Bluewater light, perfectly priced, features a bright 2,500 lumens and is easy to control through the unique Sola magnetic slider switch. The fully sealed design and rechargeable battery make for a safe and secure system. The small size is perfect for traveling.

  • 2,500 lumens
  • Beam angle of 60° underwater
  • Wide white beam, certified to the FL-1 Standard using CREE LED's
  • Easy to use magnetic slider switch
  • Battery life of 50 min on full power


Best Underwater Video Light and Strobe Hybrids:

iTorch Symbiosis SS-2

*Strobe + Video Light for All-In-One Solution, Incredbile Battery Life*

While it may look a little funky, the iTorch Symbiosis SS-2 strobe addressed a problem many underwater photographers face - how to pick between taking a good strobe or a good video light down for a dive. With a built-in, high quality video light, this all in one option means you do not have to choose! The strobe specs are in line with other top brands making it a great choice overall.

iTorch Symbiosis SS-3

*Strobe + Video Light for All-In-One Solution, Even More Compact*

The iTorch Symbiosis SS-3 strobe is the latest addition to the Symbiosis series. Even though the SS-3 only has one strobe head, it still features a combined video light and strobe in one compact body. It's even lighter and compact than other symbiosis strobes! It features 2800 lumens LED output and up to 700 flashes with a guide number of 20. In other words, the video light is a little more powerful than the SS-2 and the strobe light is a little less powerful. Therefor, we recommend this strobe for macro photographers, video oriented shooters, people on a budget and people with more compact set ups. 


Best Underwater Video Lights for Professional Underwater Video:

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Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 9,600

Exclusive deal at Bluewater! Fast Charging & Easy to Operate

The Light & Motion Sola 9600 is being offered exclusively by Bluewater Photo at an amazing price. Limited quantities!

  • 9600 Lumen Output
  • OLED Dashboard Display
  • Unqiue Cooling System
  • Fast Charging 
  • Factory Sealed

Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15,000

Factory Sealed, Fast Charging & Easy to Operate

The Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000 is designed for photographers and videographers who want the best. It provides 15,000 lumens of light in a small and compact body. It produces an even output without any hotspots. Another great feature of the video light is that it is factory sealed, so there are no o-rings to maintain.

  • Unbelievably small
  • Incredibly useful LED screen
  • Stunningly Bright
  • 3 hours at 2,500 lumens, 8 hours at 1000 lumens

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Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12,000

Small & Compact, Powerful Output, Long Battery Life

The Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 12000 is a great light option for the demanding underwater photographers and videographers. It can illuminate almost any subject with its 12,000 lumen output. One of its great features is its even light distribution, as it does not create any hotpsots on your output. It is also factory sealed and has no o-rings to manage.

  • Small & compact for its power
  • LED screen which give pertinent information
  • 3 hours at 2,500 lumens, 8 hours at 1000 lumens

Kraken Sports Solar Flare Mini 12,000

Small & Compact, Powerful Output, Vacuum Sealed Battery Compartment

The Kraken Sports Solar Flare Mini 12,000 is a recent upgrade from Kraken's Solar Flare Mini 8,000. At 12,000 lumens it features 50% more power for the same budget-friendly price! It's a very flood-resistant price with a vacuum sealed battery compartment and an independently sealed video light head. The light is also capable of a 15,000 lumens burst mode in case you did need to use it for photography on the fly.

  • Vacuum Sealed Battery Compartment
  • Independendtly Sealed Video Light Head
  • Burst Mode
  • 12,000 lumens output for all types of underwater video