Ikelite Sony A1 & A7S III Underwater Housing Review

Ikelite Sony A1 & A7S III Underwater Housing Review


Ikelite Sony A1 & A7S III Underwater Housing Review

The Sony A1 is Sony's flagship full frame mirrorless camera capable of taking 50 megapixel photos with burst speeds up to 30fps as well as 8K/30p & 4K/120p video. The Ikelite A1 & A7S III housing is currently the only polycarbonate housing available for the Sony A1. It has full compatibility with the camera, a dry lock port system, bulkheads for Ikelite sync cords that are compatible with Ikelite's accurate TTL system, and a built in vacuum valve (pump sold separately). This Ikelite Sony A1 housing is also compatible with the Sony A7S III camera, making it the ultimate 2-for-1 Sony system. This review of the housing goes over our favorite features of the Ikelite Sony A1 and A7S III housing. 

Key Features:


-Dry lock port system - The Ikelite A1 & A7S III housing uses Ikelite's dry lock port system that features an external port mount and o-ring that reduces the chances of water dropping onto your camera. 

-Vacuum valve - A vacuum valve is built into this housing, but you will need to buy a pump & gauge seperately. A vacuum system ensures and extra layer of security for the housing,

 - TTL Exposure - This housing is compatible with Ikelite TTL and strobe system. We think the Ikelite TTL system is the most accurate TTL system on the market. 

- M16 bulkhead - An M16 accessory port is available for third party accessories. 


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