Kraken 10000 LTD Underwater Video Light Review

Kraken 10000 LTD Underwater Video Light Review

Posted by Nirupam Nigam on October 18th, 2022

The Kraken 10,000 LTD is the newest wide angle underwater video light that we offer. It features 10,000 lumens of output for the incredible price of $599! It's a simple light, without the flare and colors of the Kraken hydra line-up. But its white flood beam is an excellent tool for wide angle and macro video - with a high CRI rating of 90, a 120 degree beam angle, and a 5600 K color temperature. Moreover, the Kraken 10,000 is the first high power video light from Kraken to offer a focus light for photography as well. It's relatively compact and thus a perfect tool for hybrid underwater photo/video shooters. We had the opportunity to take this light on our underwater photoworkshop to the Midriff Islands in the Sea of Cortez and were quite pleased with the results (see below).

Kraken 10,000 LTD Specifications

  • 10,000 lumens flood beam, 1500 spot beam
  • burst mode for photography
  • CRI 90
  • Flood beam angle of 100°, spot beam angle of 20°
  • 3 Button Switch with Battery Indicator
  • 40min Burn Time @ 10,000 Lumens & 55min Burn Time @ 8,000 Lumens
  • Remote Control Capability
  • USB-C charging
  • Water Resistant Light Head
  • Depth Rating of 100m/330ft
  • Weight: 910 grams on land, 430 grams underwater
  • Dimensions: 74.1mm x 156.5mm

A Simple Light At a Great Price

Until the Kraken 10,000 LTD underwater video light, you could not get a wide angle beam of 10,000 lumens with a CRI rating of 90 for $599. The price point here is incredible. In our underwater video, we often found the flood beam from a single light to be sufficient even for wide angle video. The light is a great color temperature, soft, and even. Moreover, the additional spot beam is a great tool to use as a focus light for underwater photography - a rare find among high power video lights. 

Perhaps our only complaint was the burn time  of 40 minutes. This is a but shorter than other Kraken lights, but if you drop the power, then you increase the burn time significantly. The burn time for the light is one hour at 8000 lumens. Personally, I like to keep the light at a low power until I'm ready to shoot some video, so I found the light lasted multiple dives. As a 1500 lumen focus light, it would probably last multiple days. 

All in all, the Kraken 10,000 is a simple yet effective tool for shooting both underwater photos and videos. If you don't need the colors and frills of Kraken's hydra line, then the 10,000 LTD will do the trick.

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