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Introducing the NEW Nautismart Smartphone "Selfie" Housing!

Introducing the NEW Nautismart Smartphone "Selfie" Housing!

March 16th, 2021

nautismart universal smartphone housing

Introducing the NEWEST Smartphone Housing to Hit the Market.....

The Nautismart "Selfie" Housing!

At Bluewater Photo we are proud to be the first to introduce and sell the new Nautismart Smartphone Housing for Android, iPhone, and Huawei smartphones! What makes this housing so special is that it's the first that can easily take selfies underwater with a clear back. It is also the most affordable, simple, and easy to use smartphone housing in our lineup. We have already had the chance to take this housing underwater and have been really impressed with its performance and simplicity. We didn't even need a manual! The housing has only three buttons - one button for taking photos, one button for switching photo and video modes, and one button for reviewing photos. That's it! We can't wait to start diving the world with just our smartphones in hand. 


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U.S. MSRP: $236

Nautismart back view


Order a Nautismart Housing Now at Bluewater Photo!

Nautismart "Selfie" Smartphone Housing


Nautismart Smartphone Housing Specifications

  • Polycarbonate design
  • Compatible with most ISO, Android, and Huawei Phones
  • Not compatible with windows phones
  • Operates with the free Nautismart app
  • Simple operation - just three buttons!
  • Clear back for taking selfies
  • 200ft depth rating
  • 67mm lens attachment for macro and wide angle wet lenses

nautismart underwater photo

Underwater Photo Taken with a Moto G6 in a Nautismart Housing



How it Works: The Nauitsmart App

The Nautismart housing works similarly to other smartphone housings on the market. In order to operate your phone in the housing, you must use the free Nautismart app. This app allows you to take underwater photos and video by pressing three buttons on the housing. As we mentioned there are only three buttons, so the controls for this smartphone housing are so easy, you don't need to read the manual. In fact, we think this is the easiest smartphone housing to operate on the market. 

Compatible Smartphones:

The Nautismart Smartphone Housing is compatible with most Android, iPhones, and Huawei smartphones on the market - as long as the dimensions are smaller than the dimensions of the case. The housing is not compatible with Windows smartphones. Smartphone dimensions should not exceed 16.7cm X 8.4 cm. Check your smartphone's dimensions here.

Unsure if your smartphone will fit? Contact us!

Where to Download the Nautismart App for Free:

Selfie Mode

The Nautismart housing is groundbreaking because it allows you take underwater selfie photos and video with your smartphone! Other smartphone housings block off the rear camera and don't allow for this. So if you want an easy photo of yourself while your diving, the Nautismart housing is the best choice. 

Selfie Mode with the Nautismart Housing


Body and Build

The Nautismart housing is made from a very solid polycarbonate material. We took it diving in some very rough surf conditions on a rocky shore and didn't get a scratch on it. We would like to mention that the housing is relatively buoyant, sometimes even when a phone is in it. We recommend placing it on an extendable line or lanyard and attaching it to your BCD. Because it is buoyant, it will float behind you and won't get in your way while you are swimming. 



There's no doubt that smartphones are going to be the future of underwater photo and video. With smartphone technology advancing every year, many smartphones are taking even better photos than compact cameras. Moreover, smartphones are the easiest way to immediately share your photos after a dive. There's no need to clumsily download your files from a memory card. So if you're looking for the simplest, most affordable solution to taking underwater photos and video, complete with a selfie mode, the Nautismart Smartphone housing is it!

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