Oceanic Alpha 8 Sport Regulator

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  •  Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus

  • Affordable Regulator System
  • Compatible with Nitrox
  • Lightweight, comfortable, no jaw fatigue
  • SP-5 First Stage exceeds safety standards
  • Durable marine-grade chromed brass build

  • Affordable Regulator System
  • Compatible with Nitrox
  • Lightweight, comfortable, no jaw fatigue
  • SP-5 First Stage exceeds safety standards
  • Durable marine-grade chromed brass build


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Oceanic Alpha 8 Sport Regulator


Oceanic Alpha 8 Sport Regulator is a top-performing regulator that offers professional performance at an entry-level price. Designed for divers who value both performance and affordability, the Alpha 8 Sport delivers exceptional quality without breaking the bank. With its impressive features, including a lifetime warranty and free parts for life, this regulator stands out as a reliable and cost-effective choice for divers of all levels.

Key Features and Specifications

The Alpha 8 Sport is packed with features that enhance its performance and user experience. Let's take a closer look at some of its key features and specifications:

1. Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece

To minimize jaw fatigue during dives, the Alpha 8 Sport features a patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece. This innovative design accommodates the natural overbite of the human jaw, providing a comfortable and secure fit that allows for extended dive times without discomfort.

2. Nitrox Compatibility

The Alpha 8 Sport is classified as suitable for use with nitrox breathing gas mixtures containing up to 40% oxygen by volume. This means that you can dive with confidence knowing that your regulator can handle the demands of nitrox diving without the need for special preparation, cleaning, or additional component parts.

3. SP-5 Sport Piston First Stage

The SP-5 Sport Piston First Stage is a key component of the Alpha 8 Sport regulator. It offers exceptional performance and reliability, exceeding both the U.S. Navy's Class A standards and European CE standards. This makes the Alpha SP-5 a regulator that you can trust in any diving condition.

4. Lightweight and Compact Design

The Alpha 8 Sport is designed with portability in mind. Weighing only 6 ounces (without the hose) and measuring just 2.9 inches in front profile, this regulator is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal choice for travel and underwater exploration.

5. Minimum Cracking Effort and Factory Set Inhalation Effort

The Alpha 8 Sport features a minimum cracking effort of 1.1 CIW* and a factory set inhalation effort of 1.2-1.4 CIW*. This ensures that the regulator delivers smooth and effortless breathing throughout your dive, allowing you to focus on the underwater experience.

6. Best Price-to-Performance Ratio

One of the standout features of the Alpha 8 Sport is its exceptional price-to-performance ratio. Not only is it an economical choice for divers on a budget, but it is also inexpensive to maintain. Standard replacement parts for the Alpha 8 Sport can cost as little as half of those for other regulators in its class, saving you money in the long run.

7. Designed to U.S. Navy's Class A Standards

The Alpha 8 Sport is designed to perform to the U.S. Navy's Class A standards at a depth of 198 feet. This means that it meets the stringent requirements set by the U.S. Navy for reliability, durability, and performance, ensuring your safety and peace of mind during your dives.

8. Limited Lifetime Warranty and Service Agreement

When you choose the Alpha 8 Sport, you not only get a top-performing regulator but also the assurance of a limited lifetime warranty and service agreement. Oceanic stands behind the quality of their product, offering a lifetime warranty and a service agreement that covers the regulator's maintenance and repair needs throughout its lifespan.

9. 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Oceanic is confident in the quality and performance of the Alpha 8 Sport, and they want you to be satisfied with your purchase. That's why they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Alpha 8 Sport regulator, you can return it within 30 days for a refund or exchange.

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  • Oceanic Alpha 8 SP5 Piston Regulator:
  • Rugged and Economical Design
  • Popular as a Rental Regulator
  • Proven Cost Effective to Maintain
  • Nitrox Ready Up to 40%
  • Total Weight: 32 oz. (900 g)
  • Hose Length: 30" (76.2 cm)
  • Hose Thread: 3/8"
  • Owner's Manual
  • First Stage: Oceanic SP5
  • Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston Design
  • Fail-Safe Valve Design
  • Durable Marine Grade Chrome Plated Brass
  • 4 LP Ports 3/8" Thread
  • 1 HP Port 7/16" Thread
  • Second Stage: Oceanic Alpha 8
  • Dependable Downstream Demand Vale Design
  • Lightweight ABS/Polycarbonate Housing
  • Anodized Aircraft Aluminum Cover Ring
  • Compact Design 2.75" (7 cm) in Diameter
  • Anatomical Mouthpiece for Reduced Jaw Fatigue

Weight: 3.50 LBS
Dimensions: 12.00 (in) × 8.00 (in) × 10.00 (in)
Brand: Oceanic

  • 1'st and 2'nd Stage Regulators
  • LP Hose and Owner's Manual

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