Paralenz Dive Camera PLUS image on a boat

Paralenz Dive Camera+ Video Review


In this video we cover all the great aspects of the Paralenz Dive Camera Plus. All of it's main benefits, and compare it against the new GoPro Hero 7. Which option is the right one for you? Do you want simplicity, durability, and additional features? Or do you want higher image quality and more enhanced stabilization?  Learn all the details in our review.


The Paralenz Dive Camera+ is a relatively new product on the market. A camera built for divers, by divers, all aspects of the camera have been built for the specific purpose of bringing it underwater (as opposed to other action cameras which are more built for a variety of sports). We've had the opportunity of taking the Paralenz while diving Galapagos to give it a test spin and see what we think of the product, watch to learn more!


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