Professional Underwater Video Lights

Professional underwater video lights are essential for adding color, details, and contrast to your underwater video - whether you are shooting an 8K or 4K documentary for netflix or capturing creative content for your youtube channel or instagram reel. Our top-of-the-line, pro-level video lights offer features beyond the capabilities of a normal underwater video light. Many of these lights offer extended burn times, higher power levels, brighter lumens, and consistant, even light throughout a dive. Many of these lights are rated above 6,000 lumens - the bare minimum for shooting wide angle video in sunny, shallow, and tropical lighting conditions. They feature the highest quality LED's, construction and performance. High power professional lights are often limited to a single, elegant wide white beam. Their purpose is only to bring accurate colors out of your underwater scene. If you are looking for an all around, multiple function (and multi-color) light, check out our Video Light Guide.


Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15,000

*Factory Sealed, Fast Charging, & High Power*

*Light & Motion Kit Options*

Kraken Sports Hydra 15000 WRGBU Video Light

"Small & Compact, Powerful Output, Burst Mode"

Big Blue 18,000 Lumen Pro Mini, Tri-Color Video Light

*High Power, with Multiple Light Modes*

The Big Blue Pro-Mini Tri Color 18,000 Lumen video light has been one of the most popular performance video light which offers lots of flexibility. With 18,000 lumens it's bright enough to light any shooting situation. It features the Tri-Color options of a standard cool white light, red focus light and a warm white light, which reproduces skin tones really well and helps make the reds / oranges really pop underwater.


  • Maximum output of 18,000 Lumens at 6500K cool white and 5500K warm white setting
  • An ultra wide 160° beam angle
  • Protective hard case included
  • The rechargeable li ion 18650×7 battery pack which provides 2 hours burn time on the max setting
  • Six power settings to reduce intensity and increase battery life
  • Anodized aluminum housing means rugged dependability
  • Color-coded battery indicator
  • 1" ball mount included
  • 100m depth rating


Keldan Video 8XR Ambient 18000lm Underwater Light

*Powerful, Professional, emits color spectrum equal to ambient at 6m *

One of the greatest video lights available on the market is the Keldan Video 8XR 18,000 Lumen Light. With a specially developed LED that emits a light spectrum similar to the ambient light at 6 meters below the surface, it has an incredible 18,000 lumen output. With an external AF 6B ambient filter, the luminous flux is around two times larger than the Video 8XR 20000lm.

Additionally, it offers a gentle, uniform beam with a wide beam angle of 110° underwater to avoid hotspots. Regarding construction quality, you can always count on excellent work. Additionally, the video light has an incorporated temperature protection mechanism that enables it to be used on land.

The Video 8XR light is ready for our wireless Remote Control RC1.


  • Luminous Flux max.: 18'000 lm
  • Candlepower min: 100 cd
  • Burntime max.: 35 minutes
  • Burntime max. el. power: 145 W
  • Luminous Flux min.: 250 lm
  • Candlepower min.: 110 cd
  • Candlepower max.:7'700 cd
  • Burntime min.: 1400 minutes
  • Burntime min. el. power: 4 W
  • Beam angle in water at 50% intensity: 90°
  • Beam angle in water at 25% intensity: 110°
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours


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