Saga Dive

Bluewater Announces Saga Dive!

Saga Dive Products!

Saga Dive has been in the industry since 2006 and is known for providing top quality underwater photography equipment. Their philosophy is to design and create equipment that photographers need, embracing innovation and new trends. They focus on maintaining a high quality standard for all their equipment, ensuring you get the gear that works, all at an affordable price tag.

Popular Products:


The Saga Trio is an innovative lens system design which offers 3 diopter strengths in one piece of equipment. No need to bring multiple lenses underwater and make your underwater rig heavier than it should be. It offers 2 lenses, +5 and +10, which can also be used at the same time to produce a +15 diopter. The patented design provides maximum flexibility and control yet produces tack sharp results. It also has a 67mm thread which is compatible with most ports.




The Saga Fiber Optic Macro Ring Flash provides a concentrated light using fiber optic cables. It is ideal for macro and super macro for an evenly diffused light. It is compatible with just about any diopter such as Saga Trio, Nauticam, Fantasea and Subsee macro lenses; simply snap on to the diopters and strobes and you are ready to go. This also makes it easy to remove underwater if you want to shoot without the ring flash.




Saga Viewfinders provide great image quality even in the corners. They are built with high-quality glass lenses and prisms inside. They feature a unique quick unlock system which makes it very fast and easy to change viewfinders, providing massive versatility. Through this system, it can be replaced even while underwater, allowing you to switch from a 45° to a 180° viewfinder all on the same dive! They also have a waterproof adapter available that can be installed in the housing and is compatible with Nauticam, Isotta, Subal, Aquatica, Seacam, Sea&Sea, Hugyfot, and Ikelite housings. 


Bluewater Photo now offers Paralenz - the ultimate, easy to use underwater camera for diving!