Sea & Sea Canon R5 Underwater Housing Review

Sea & Sea Canon R5 Underwater Housing Review

May 19th, 2021

Sea & Sea Canon R5 Underwater Housing Review

Sea & Sea Canon EOS R5 Underwater Housing Review with a Full Review of the R5 with Andy Sallmon

Andy Sallmon, a world renowned underwater photographer from Sea & Sea, spoke with us at Bluewater Photo and the Underwater Photography Guide about his thoughts on the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera & his experience with the Sea & Sea R5 underwater housing. Bluewater Photo is excited to have these elegantly designed housings in stock and ready to get shipped out into the hands of happy customers. Andy and Nirupam, the Editor-in-Chief of the Underwater Photography Guide, share some of their favorite photos and videos captured with the R5 and discuss some behind-the-scenes techniques that they used underwater. 

Key Features of the Sea & Sea R5 Underwater Housing:


- Sturdy, elegant anodized aluminum housing

- Handle grips - The Sea & Sea R5 housing features comfortable handles for a more enjoyable experience when you're shooting

- Controls - The Sea & Sea R5 housing has some of the best ergonomics of any housing for the R5 on the market. We love the glow in the dark buttons!

- Bulkhead - The Sea & Sea R5 housing is equipped with an M24 bulkhead that is compatible with external underwater monitors for video shooting

- RF& EF compatibility - This housing is compatible with both the RF and EF lens mounts and both focus & zoom gears.

- Flash Triggering - The Sea & Sea R5 housing has excellent TTL compatibility with the Sea & Sea YS-D2J and YS-D3 strobes with the optical TTL converter. 


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