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Join all of Southern California's underwater photographers in a weekend-long photography extravaganza. Dive anywhere in Southern California and submit your photos from the weekend for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

Get out on a boat and dive!

Bluweater Photo's SoCal Shootout Boat Trips Include:

  • Friday & Saturday - 2-day Santa Barbara & Anacapa/Santa Cruz on the Peace - SIGN UP HERE.
    • 2 full days of diving (board the boat thursday night)
    • Airfills, meals and snacks included, nitrox available
    • $360 for up to 9 dives (4 each day plus an optional night dive)
  • Sunday - Diving at the Oil Rigs on the Pacific StarSOLD OUT!!
    • $130 for 3 dives on the oil rigs - one of the most unique SoCal dive sites
    • Airfills and food included

Sunday Boat Options from our Sponsors:

Buy online, or Call (310) 633-5052 or email to purchase your ticket!

Photo & Video Categories

  • Wide-Angle open
  • Macro open
  • Behavior open
  • Portrait open
  • Mirrorless Wide-Angle
  • Mirrorless Macro
  • Compact Wide-Angle
  • Compact Macro
  • Video - unedited
  • Video - edited

DSLR Shooters must enter in the first four categories, Mirrorless camera shooters can enter in the 1st six categories, compact shooters can enter in the first four, and the final two categories.

2017 Sponsors

Please check out the great prizes offered by our sponsors. 

SoCal Shootout Platinum Sponsors


Explore the wonders of the Sea of Cortez and Socorro Islands on the Quino el Guardian, the newest boat from the owners of the Rocio del Mar. Designed with exploration and scientific study in mind, this boat offers a unique experiences exploring the underwater world.



Aquatica is a Canadian manufacturer of fine quality aluminum housings for underwater photography. Their camera housings are available for select digital cameras and are part of a comprehensive system which includes a large selection of wide angle and macro ports, and accessories. Aquatica has become the housing choice of the discerning underwater photographer today.



Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resorts in Anilao, Philippines is the epitome of a stylish resort that strives to make staying ashore as plearable as the diving itself. Strategically situated on the mountainside, Aiyanar presents you with a grand panaoramic view of the sunset against the ocean's vast expanse.



Kraken Sports manufactures high end video lights and underwater photo accessories. Look for the kraken, when only the best will do! The Kraken video lights are full featured, top of the line construction with high end LEDs. They also offer quality smart phone housings and accessories.



Bluewater Travel is a full service dive travel agency. Run by divers for divers, their expert advisors will help you plan and book your personalized dive vacation. The Bluewater travel team has decades of dive travel experience and many excellent partners for dive travel around the world.


SoCal Shootout Gold Sponsors


Light & Motion is one of the industry leaders for underwater dive and video lights. The popular Sola line has long been the go to light for underwater photography and the new GoBe line brings in a flexibility never before seen in underwater lighting.


Located only 10 minutes away from downtown La Paz, La Concha Beach Resort is an authentic beach Resort that offers business travelers, families and vacationers a peaceful and mellow atmosphere right in front of the Sea of Cortez. Along with ample and nice facilities, our Hotel in La Paz, Mexico, features first-class services that ensure our guests the most pleasant stay - See more at:
Located only 10 minutes away from downtown La Paz, La Concha Beach Resort is an authentic beach Resort that offers business travelers, families and vacationers a peaceful and mellow atmosphere right in front of the Sea of Cortez. Along with ample and nice facilities, our Hotel in La Paz, Mexico, features first-class services that ensure our guests the most pleasant stay - See more at:


The Maluku Divers Resort in Laha is one of the must visit locations in any diver’s Indonesian dive list. The only dedicated dive resort in Ambon, the facility was built specifically with divers in mind and boasts the most unique and comfortable accommodations in the whole of Maluku.



Sea & Sea



Sea & Sea is one of the best known names in underwater imaging equipment, offering high-quality DSLR housings, strobes and much more.


Channel Islands Dive Adventures


Channel Islands Dive Adventures (CIDA) organizes and plans scuba charters on various dive boats with 4 main goals in mind. Those 4 goals are to offer trips to specific unique dive destinations, to promote diver safety, to offer reasonable priced trips and above all to have fun with other like minded divers.


Think Tank Photo designs camera carrying solutions for working professionals. Their products are born from the collaborative efforts of professional photographers and product designers, working together with a common goal — to create the most inventive and effective solutions for all photographic situations.



Olympus is a well known camera and lens manufacturer responsible for many of the most popular underwater cameras avaialble today. Quality optics, small size and great lens options set them apart from other camera manufacturers.



Bluewater Photo



Bluewater Photo is the premier online and retail shop for underwater photography gear as well as international photo trips. Offering years of experience and expert advice on cameras, housings, strobes and accessories, Bluewater Photo is known for excellent customer service during and after sale. 


SoCal Shootout Silver Sponsors




Ikelite has a long history of making strobes, dive lights, underwater housings for DSLR and compact cameras and much more for photographers worldwide since 1962. They're famous for their commitment to excellent customer service.




Cinebags creates high quality bags specifically designed for the underwater photographer. Inspired by the dive expeditions planned by their team of divers and built on the success of the quality bags for cinema productions.





Ultralight is the leading maker of arms, trays and clamps for the underwater photography community - making only high quality products built to last.




The CeeRay dive boat has been operating in California for over 40 years. With their expert knowledge and experienced crew, you'll dive the best sites around SoCal in comfort.



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2017 Shootout Judges


Andy Sallmon

Andrew Sallmon is a freelance commercial underwater photographer specializing in images for diving publications, marine wildlife, natural history books, and corporate advertising.

Thousands of his images have been published to date, some gracing the walls of notables such as the Smithsonian Institute and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Besides his work as a photographer, Andy stays busy topside as a sales representative for Sea and Sea, Light & Motion and Beneath the Surface Products. He is also the U.S. Navy’s underwater photography instructor for their Combat Camera units, Fleet Pacific and Atlantic and for the newly formed U.S. Coast Guard dive team. Visit his website at


Scott Gietler

Scott is the founder of Bluewater Photo, Bluewater Travel and the Underwater Photography Guide, and one of the world's leading experts in underwater photography education and camera / lens reviews.

An avid marine naturalist, Scott is the author of the Field Guide to Southern California Marine Life. He was the LAUPS photographer of the year for 2009, and his photos have appeared in magazines, coffee table & marine life books, museums, galleries and aquariums throughout California. Scott teaches underwater photography frequently on international workshops to destinations like Galapagos, Indonesia, Philippines and French Polynesia.

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SoCal Shootout Rules

This is a virtual competition, but submissions must be taken during the contest weekend in the ocean anywhere south of Point Conception, CA and north of the Mexico border - including the Channel Islands.  Diving by boat or beach is allowed, although we encourage you to get a seat on your local boat.

Registration will be open until Thursday Sept 7th at 5PM. We will be sending an official email to all registered participants on Thursday afternoon, September 7th, 2017 with instructions on setting camera date to a point in the future. Changing the camera's date will allow us to verify that photos have been taken during the Shootout timeframe. Photographers who register in the hours after the official email is sent out will receive the information as soon as we can process their registration, but this may be several hours.

Please register before Sept 6st to make sure you get the right t-shirt and all Shootout information!

All photo and video entries will be due by 11:59pm on Monday, September 11th, 2017.

  • We pledge to run this contest ethical and with integrity.  Judges will not know whose photos or videos they are judging.
  • You retain copyright to your photos, and winning photos will only be used by us when promoting this and future SoCal Shootout Competitions.
  • Please use our upload (ftp) form to submit your photo and video files in the appropriate formats, and for each entry chose one of our 10 categories.
  • Photo Format & Editing:  Submit entries in JPEG format, at least 2500 pixels at the longest length.   Only global changes are allowed as editing.  This includes exposure, white balance, saturation, contrast and clarity.  No cropping, backscatter removal, cloning, or any local adjustments are allowed.  RAW files will be required from all winners to verify date and editing rules.
  • Unedited Video Format & Editing:  Format must be .mp4, .mov, .m4v or wmv.  Each video must be a maximum of :60s in length and can be comprised of no more than a single clip with no transitions, titles, music, etc.  Color level and start/end point adjustment is ok.  Original formats will be required from all winners to verify date and editing rules that aren't carried over while reformatting.
  • Edited Video Format & Editing:   Format must be .mp4, .mov, .m4v or wmv.  Each video must be a maximum of 120 seconds in length, any music used must be copyright free.
  • Photos & Video must be taken underwater. Split shots ok. Starting above water and moving below water in one uncut shot is also OK.
  • All photos & video must have been taken on September 8th, 9th or 10th, 2017 with camera metadata set using the appropriate "secret date" that will be sent to all registrants.
  • Photos must be taken in the ocean south of Point Conception and north of the Mexican border or will be automatically disqualified.
  • Photos or video taken as a result of harassment to marine life that could be harmful to the subject may be disqualified at the judges' discretion. Fish in photos must be alive.
  • We encourage safe diving and cannot predict diving conditions in Southern California at the time of the contest.  Please use your dive training and common sense to dive safely and avoid injury.  Bluewater Photo is exempt from all liability whatsoever for any personal injury, property damage or wrongful death of divers registered for the contest.
  • A maximum of 8 photos or 3 videos may be submitted for judging per person. You can mix and match photo and video, each video entry is equivalent to 3 photos. So, for example, you can enter 5 photos and 1 video, or 2 videos and 2 photos.
  • A single photo may be entered in multiple categories, however it can only win once. If selected for a place by judges whichever is the higher placing score will be the final pick.

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