Sola Pro Video Lights Review - Initial Thoughts

Sola Pro Video Lights Review - Initial Thoughts

June 23rd, 2019

Sola Pro 12,000 and 15,000 – Initial Thoughts

Sola Pro 12,000 & 15,000 Video Light Review

Unbelievably small
Incredibly useful LED screen
Stunningly Bright
3 hours at 2500 lumens, 8 hours at 1000 lumens


Light & Motion recently announced the release of two new Sola Pro video lights - the Sola Pro 12,000 and Sola Pro 15,000. We at Bluewater Photo could not be more excited for these professional video lights and at first glance, are quite impressed. Light & Motion is known as a leader in underwater video lights and set a high standard for the industry. The Sola Pro 12,000 and Sola Pro 15,000 definitely live up to those standards and are undoubtedly top of the line. Both lights are designed for the professional video shooter and compete with the likes of high-end Keldan and Kraken video lights at a very competitive price point. 


Feedback from using the Sola 15,000 underwater

"After using the Sola 15,000 light on several dives for both stills and underwater video, I can say that the light is truly a joy to use. Travelling with the light was easy, underwater it was simple to turn on and off as needed, as was controlling the power. The other divers at the resort simply referred to it as "the sun". The quality and evenness of the light was pure white and beyond perfect." - Scott Gietler



For their size and lumen output, both lights are surprisingly lightweight and compact, which makes them an excellent choice for travel. The lights also come with a carrying case to protect the lights and have removable light heads to make them convenient for travel as well. They also come equipped with an easily viewable OLED screen on the back of the light, which displays the lumen output, runtime and charge status -- a feature unique to specific high-end Light & Motion underwater lights. Both the Sola 12,000 and Sola 15,000 also come installed with an innovative dome port that creates even, natural lighting without any pesky hotspots.


The battery life on these lights is also impressive -- providing a whopping 900 minutes of runtime on the lowest power and 35 minutes at high power. Of course, the OLED dashboard on the back of the light module let’s you know exactly how much runtime you have left so the light will never die unexpectedly without warning. Furthermore, all Light & Motion lights are regulated, meaning the lumen output stays constant even when the battery life is low. The lights have exclusive fast-charging technology, allowing you to fully recharge your video light in 105 minutes.

Innovative Features of the Sola Pro 12,000 and Sola Pro 15,000

  • Lightweight, compact design

  • Neoprene Carry pouch included

  • Removable light head module for travel

  • Innovative dome port for even, natural lighting via a 110 degree beam angle

  • OLED screen built-in to display lumen output, runtime and charge status

  • Regulated output means the lumen output won’t diminish as the battery level drops

  • Professional quality light temperature

  • Built-in cooling system


  • High lumen output, up to 12,000 or 15,000 lumens

  • Unique low-lumen output features, 15 hours runtime at 500 lumens

  • Fast-charging technology, charges in 105 minutes

  • Ball mount included

  • Ergonomic intensity control & on/off switch, very easy to use with or without gloves, even without looking at the light. Sola calls this their “intuitive magnetic control”. Plus a travel lock.

  • Highly competitive price point

  • Deep depth rating of 100 meters

  • Innovative “wet charging” method, one of the trademark features of Light & Motion video lights

Sola Pro 12,000/15,000 Video Overview:


Sola Video Pro Sample Underwater Video:


Light & Motion Warranty

Light & Motion provides their customers the piece of mind with this awesome program. They are already have the lowest flood rates on their products, they are taking things one step further with an expanded 2 year warranty covering floods as well.


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