Paralenz Diving Underwater Action Camera+

Bluewater Announces Paralenz Dealership

Bluewater Announces Paralenz Dealership

Paralenz, the ultimate underwater action camera. New to the market, and building in popularity, they have recently released the second version of their unique diving camera. The Paralenz Underwater Action Camera+ features better construction, a much deeper depth rating, and improved selector ring.

The Paralenz Underwater Camera for diving is a perfect, easy to use option for those looking to capture great underwater photos without hassle. A camera specifically built by divers for divers, If you want to enjoy your dive and avoid spending time messing around with camera settings, controls or without lugging a giant system through the water then this is the choice for you. Check out some of it's key features below, and read our Paralenz review or the Paralenz review on the Underwater Photography Guide.

Bright & Colorful Videos

Paralenz's patented DCC (Depth-controlled Color Correction) automatically adjusts the cameras white balance, based off the depth you are at during your dive.  Avoid the hassle of buying multiple filters for your camera, or dealing with changing light/visibility environments like green vs blue water, cloudy vs sunny days, etc. When that Manta Ray comes flying below youand you weren't prepared, get the shot right, directly in camera!

High Performance Camera

The camera has no fisheye distortion while underwater.  Due to being built with the intent to dive with it, the angle of the lens has been matched to provide a perfect warp-free videos, while still maintaining a wide field of view for capturing nearly everything. It also holds a 1/2.5" sensor size developed specifically for low lighting by SONY. This combined with the fact that you don't need to cover your lens with filters, ensures you receive brighter recordings than competing action cameras.

Battery Life

A HUGE battery life difference between competing cameras. Offering 3+ hours of filiming when shooting at 1080p - 30fps or 2+ hours when filming at 4K - 30fps.  You can run the camera your whole dive and still cover multiple dives. There is also a feature that turns it on the moment you dive down, and turns it off once you've reached the surface if you're a "turn on and go" type of filmer.

Depth capability and waterproof

The depth rating is an astonishing 250m / 820ft thanks to the Full aircraft grade aluminum body with titanium screws construction.


*We are currently testing the gear in Florida and will followup with a full report once completed in a couple of weeks!*


Paralenz Diving Action Camera+


Designed to be as easy to use as a dive light the Paralenz camera is a small cylindrical shape, easy to hold in your hand - without getting your fingers in the shot! It's crafted from aluminum and titanium making it very durable. The camera can be handheld, and has useful features allowing you to enjoy your dive with minimal distraction.


Useful Accessories:

  • Paralenz 3rd Person Viewer (IE Selfie Stick)
    • The Paralenz 3rd person viewer is a selfie stick designed specifically for the Paralenz Action Camera+. This compact stick folds down enough that you can fit it in your BCD pocket, but extends up to 6ft (1.8m).
  • Paralenz Ball Mount Kit 
    • The Paralenz Ball Mount Kit is perfect for adding your Paralenz Action Camera+ to any ball and clamp system.

Bluewater Photo now offers Paralenz - the ultimate, easy to use underwater camera for diving!