Fantasea Sony A6500 Bundle Sale

Special Fantasea A6500 Bundle Sale!

Special Sale on Fantasea Sony A6500/A6300 Bundle - Valid while supplies last

Fantasea a6500 bundle sale

Fantasea is having a huge sale on their Sony A6500/A6300 housing and housing bundles! The sale will last through October 31st, 2019. 
Fantasea housings are known for their ergonomic and budget-friendly polycarbonate designs. Fantasea has expanded the capabilities of their housings in recent years, adding threaded ports, a bayonet lens mount system, leak detector, vacuum valve system, and a flash trigger.
See the housing packages and accessories on sale below...

Fantasea Sony A6300/A6500 V2 Underwater Housing

$599.95 $775.00
You save: $175.05



Fantasea a6300/a6500 bundle

Fantasea Sony A6500/A6300 V2 Housing, Port, and Lens Gears Package

$774.95 $1299.95
You save: $525



Fantasea a6500/a6300 ultimate package

Ultimate Fantasea A6500/A6300 V2 Package

$3,169.45 $3,464.45
You save: $295



Fantasea flash trigger

Fantasea FA-3 LED Strobe Trigger

$159.95 $199.95
You save: $40


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