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GoPro Buyers Guide

Bluewater Photo's GoPro Buyers Guide

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The Benifits Of The GoPro Design:

  • Compact, High Def Video, Ultra Wide Angle Lens
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables remote control via optional Wi-Fi Remote or remote control plus live video preview and playback on smartphones and tablets running the free GoPro app.
  • Rugged housing is waterproof to 197ft/60M
  • Comes standard with flat port for better results while diving
  • Can be attached to any underwater camera system

Step 1:   Click here to find which GoPro camera is right for you

GoPro White Edition            GoPro Silver Edition            GoPro Black Edition                                                

Best choice: Black Edition, for its excellent low light performance and superior resolution  

you can view an additional comparison chart here.

Step 2:  Click here to find GoPro mounts for your favorite hobbies

GoPro chest mountgopro handlebar mountGoPro head mountGoPro Helmet MountGoPro suction cupGoPro wrist strap

Chances are that you are puchasing your GoPro from us to use while diving, but dont limit yourself!   These little cameras are amazing and can be mounted to just about anything.   Ask yourself what else your GoPro can be useful for.   We have many customers that use them while diving, cycling, skating, surfing, motorcycle riding, climbing, skydiving, flying, skateboarding, car racing......and the list could go on forever.   After that you can make an informed decision about what mounts you will need.   The best part is that accessories are priced between $14-$40!

Step 3:  Choose a tray and light combination for diving

When shooting video underwater it is importand to have a stable platform for your light and camera.   This provides an easy way to hold your camera(especially one this small)  and lights so they are angled appropriately.  As divers you know color is quickly absorbed as we descend.   Red is the first color to be removed and in order to insure that your video doesn't look washed out lights are needed.

  Best Choice: Two  Sola 1200 or Sola 2000 with a R-Innovations Tray will deliver excellent even lighting during day or night while shooting with the GoPro.   To see other options you can click the "choose your tray..."  link above.

 Must Have GoPro Accessories:

Polar Pro Filters are a must have when shooting in ambient light.    Red is the first color to leave the spectrum while underwater and can leave you with very washed out video/images. The use of color correcting filters help block the blue light restoring the look of natual color to your image.  They also offer a great polarizing filter that reduces glare when shooting topside on the water, snow, or beach.

Polar Pro Red Filter:   Improves video quality tropical and temperate waters.  Snap-on design makes it easy to remove and replace filter while underwater.    Works really well in the 10-70fsw range.

Polar Pro Magenta Filter:  The magenta filter is for use in green water.   If you are often diving in quarries or lakes with a green hue you will benefit from the use of this filter.   


sealife aquapodSealife Aquapod:   The sealife aquapod is by far the best built pole cam we have seen to date   Great for hard to reach shots in holes, self portraits, sharks dives, or off the side of a boat etc.  The pole extends from 18 to 53inches and can also be used as a monopod.   Non corrosive and ready to be used in salt water.     

The GoPro LCD Touch BacPac:  Allows you to see what you are shooting while you are shooting it.   This is a great feature while composing your shots.  Also allows you to review your footage.  *This runs off the cameras internal battery so we suggest having a back-up or two on hand. 


GoPro Spare Battery For Hero3:   These are great to have around and only cost 19.99.  While using the LCD or shooting in high resolution the GoPro battery can exhaust quickly.    It is good to have one or two spare batteries ready to go at all times.



Check out GoPro's Getting Started video:





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