Marelux Underwater Housings: A New Brand for a New Era

Marelux Underwater Housings: A New Brand for a New Era

January 25th, 2022

Marelux Underwater Housings

Ten Reasons Why Marelux Might Be Your Next Underwater Housing:

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Marelux underwater housings represent a new era in underwater housing manufacturing with a focus on affordability and ingenuity. This new aluminum housing brand features a rugged, scratch-resistant anodization and a promise for innovative software incorporated into each design. Our video above shows you our first experience with the brand and why we at Bluewater Photo have decided to bring Marelux into our lineup of underwater housings. Taking on a new brand is not something we do lightly - we require months of testing and preparation before we support a new housing brand. Well, Marelux has passed our tests with flying colors! We are proud to announce that we are Marelux's first and only current retailer in North America! 
Marelux underwater housing
A Marelux Canon EOS R5 Housing in the Field

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Housings that Are Currently Available:


Marelux Canon EOS R5C Underwater Housing

Marelux Canon EOS R5 Underwater Housing

Marelux Sony A1 Underwater Housing

Marelux Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing

Marelux Sony FX3 Underwater Housing

Marelux Nikon Z6II/ Z7II Underwater Housing

Marelux Sony A7R IV Underwater Housing

Marelux Sony A7R III/A7III Underwater Housing

Marelux Canon EOS R6 Underwater Housing

Marelux ALEXA Mini LF/ALEXA Mini Cinema Camera Housing

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1. An Incredible Price Point

Let's start with what really matters - price. Perhaps the top selling point for Marelux housings is their incredible price point for a top-quality anodized aluminum housing. With excellent ergonomics, a sturdy port locking system, and incredible durability, the price of a Marelux housing is almost too good to be true. And with today's inflation-ridden economy, our prices on Marelux gear are reminiscent of the pre-Covid days.

Marelux underwater housing nudibranch
Nudibranch photographed with the Marelux Canon EOS R5 Housing

2. A Special Scratch-Resistant, Durable Anodization

When we took our first Marelux housing diving, it seemed a little odd that it wouldn't scratch in tough shore-diving conditions. Most housings scratch - it's just a part of diving. When we brought this up to the engineers at Marelux, they sent us a video of what they called "the knife test." That's right.... they showed us a video of what happens when you try to scratch a Marelux housing with a knife - apparently nothing! This is because Marelux has a specially designed extra strong anodization. 

3. Six Unique Color Options

Marelux housings aren't just the boring old black housings you might be used to (though they certainly have that color available!). We offer six different colors of Marelux housings including Burgundy, Yale Blue, Black, Mocha, Olive Green, and Silver Grey. If you're a little more price conscious, the Black housing retails for $200 less than the others. 

4. Lime-Green O-rings

While Marelux's bright color palette might seem like an aesthetic choice, it's not! The lime-green o-rings make it very easy to see if you have lint, sand, hairs, or any other kind of gunk in your seal. This is just another measure of safety so you can make sure you're good to go before a dive. 

Marelux underwater housing
A Marelux Canon EOS R5 Housing in the Field

5. Lots and Lots of Safety Features

Marelux housings come equipped with a built-in moisture alarm that can detect any water droplets entering a housing and provides both an audible and visual alarm. Moreover, you can purchase an optional vacuum system and pump to ensure your housing is vacuum sealed before the dive. Creating a vacuum seal allows you to check to make sure your seal is water tight before entering the water. We find the vacuum system to be very easy to use, though it can take a few more pumps to reach a vacuum than competitors. Finally, the housing is equipped with a port locking system and a housing lock system that is very secure and almost impossible to accidentally unlock underwater. It's also easy to use which makes putting the housing together a breeze. Marelux housings are depth rated to 100 meters.

Bonus: The Camera Tray Comes with a Key

Have you ever been stuck looking for a screwdriver or a coin to get your camera off the camera tray in your housing? Well, search no longer! Marelux camera trays come with a key that allows you to take the camera off the tray. After using it, the key is stored on the tray itself. 

6.  The Manual Flash Trigger -  No On/Off Switch Necessary!

Triggering strobes can be one of the biggest pain-points of underwater photography. But we found the Marelux manual flash trigger to be very easy to use. Our favorite feature was the fact that you don't need to turn the trigger on for it to fire. All you have to do is plug the hotshoe into the camera and you're good to go. For anyone that's ever forgotten to turn on their flash trigger and had to go back to the surface to do so - this is a much welcomed feature. The flash trigger is very long lasting as you should be able to get about 10,000 shots on a single battery! Currently, there are no TTL flash triggers available for Marelux housings, but they should be developed soon. In the meantime, an external TTL converter can always be attached to your housing via the M16 bulkhead. 

Marelux underwater housing fish
A fish photographed with the Marelux Canon EOS R5 Housing in the Field

7. Bulkheads for a Variety of Accessories

Marelux underwater housings come with multiple bulkhead accessory ports like M16 and M24 ports. These bulkheads are extremely useful for mounting vacuum systems, sync cord bulkheads for firing strobes, TTL converters, and even external monitors and recorders

8. A Well Defined Port Chart

Even though Marelux is a new brand, they have already released plenty of ports to support most underwater lenses that would be desirable for their housings. We have in stock plenty of macro ports and wide angle glass dome ports - including 180mm and 230mm glass dome ports. Acrylic ports are not yet available but are on their way soon! 

9. A Large Port Opening for Easy Zoom/Focus Gear Engagement

One of the most innovative design features on Marelux housings is the large port opening. It's very large. This makes it easy to put a lens through the port opening and secure the zoom gear on the lens to the teeth of the external gear. Marelux incorporated a unique mechanical mechanism that moves the camera to the side so that the gears engage when you lock the camera in place in the housing. 

Marelux underwater housing
A Marelux Canon EOS R5 Housing in the Field

10. A Surprisingly Compact Design

Somehow Marelux managed to fit a large port opening on a very compact housing. We've been very impressed with how light and compact Marelux housings really are. In fact, we did our test dives without floats - though the average buyer may want to consider a couple of Stix floats for a little bit of extra buoyancy. 

Bonus: Marelux is an Innovative Company

New companies tend to be innovative in order to gain market share, and Marelux is no exception. Marelux engineers have a background in software and housing design, providing them to make bold designs that go beyond what we have seen from housing manufacturers in the past. This includes a future magnified viewfinder that allows you to view depth and temperature, a new smart optical flash tube for shooting macro, and a future Smart Nautical Application Platform (SNAP) that promises connectivity between underwater devices. There's no doubt in our minds, that we will experience novel diving experiences through Marelux's technological expertise. We hope you join us for the ride. 


Marelux underwater housing
Another Nudibranch Photographed by a Marelux Canon EOS R5 Housing in the Field

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