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Sea & Sea MDX-7D Canon 7D Housing SS-06152

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The MDX-7D is an underwater housing for the Canon 7d by Sea & Sea.  The MDX series features an anodized aluminum build, pressure rated to 60 meters/ 200 feet. 

Unparalleled design provides easy access to the main dial and the quick control dial. Shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted without removing your hand from the grip.

With this camera and housing, taking both still images and movies are a snap! Press the button to activate live view photography.  Video is ergonomically positioned for easy access. While holding the grip, you can control AE lock / Index / Reduce lever and AF point selection / Magnify lever and AF start lever to check focus points and then press the start / stop button to record video.

The setting button is also situated close to the grip for quick access to the button. Great functionality, engineering and ergonomic design make this housing exceptional.

 Product Features

  • Controls almost all of the Canon EOS 7D essential functions underwater.
  • Every detail of the housing is precision machined from a solid aluminum block to achieve a high-quality texture and design. All edges have been polished carefully for safety.
  • TTL auto adjustment available when using an optional YS Converter/C. When using a YS Converter/C to enable the TTL auto adjustment, use a 5-pin Sync Cord/N to connect it to a genuine SEA&SEA strobe.
  • Furnished with a tripod socket in the central region of the bottom surface of the main body.  
  • The quick shoe makes the camera easy to install and remove from the housing. The camera is firmly and correctly mounted on the quick shoe with the tripod screw hole and the positioning pin. 
  • A built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage.
  • Strong and durable build, with a depth rating of up to 60m / 200ft.
  • *The MDX-7D housing comes from the factory with these type-N connectors: one 2-pin wired connector and one 6-pin wired connector. *To use two SEA&SEA YS-Series strobes with the factory-equipped type-N connectors, you must use the 5-pin Dual Sync Cord/N.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual Fiber Optic Cable Ports
  • A new type of easily operated shutter lever, excellent for taking quick snapshots and for avoiding motion blur. The shutter lever can be operated in two ways—by pushing from the top or pulling from the front—and offers a smooth option for adjusting the autofocus by pressing the button halfway down.
  • Dual electrical sync ports
  • Comes standard with two bulkhead connectors: one type-N connector (2-pin wired for manual) and one 6-pin wired connector (for dedicated TTL).
  • Easy Access to All Essential Functions
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Equipped with a Optical Viewfinder 0.5x standard. Interchangeable 0.66x/0.8x viewfinders (optional) are also available.
  • Port locking mechanism
  • The housing is protected by a highly corrosion resistant, anodized coating. The coating protects the housing from environmental corrosion and abrasions.
  • A built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage.
  • Furnished with a tripod socket in the central region of the bottom surface of the main body.  If you remove the attached Ergo Grip, you can also add an optional Grip-Stay L.

Check out a video demonstrating the housing here.

Don't forget to buy a spare tube of Sea & Sea's silicone grease.

We dive with our products all the time. Please call the Bluewater Photo team at 310-633-5052 with any questions, or email us at

Weight: 5.00 LBS
Dimensions: 12.00 (in) × 12.00 (in) × 12.00 (in)
Free Worldwide Shipping: No
Brand: Sea & Sea
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