SeaLife SeaDragon 5000+ Review

SeaLife SeaDragon 5000+ Review

Posted by Nirupam Nigam on January 22nd, 2023

The  SeaLife SeaDragon 5000+ is SeaLife's newest high-end underwater video light. With an output of 5000 lumens for a burn time of an hour and 6000 lumens for up to two minutes at a time, it's the perfect video light for both wide angle and macro video. Moreover, the light debuts some exciting new features that we have not seen in other underwater video lights. Enter color boost! This new mode allows you to add warmth to your beam, changing the color temperature of the light to 3700K (from 5000K). This brings back even more of the color lost at depth and makes your video pop!

We had the opportunity to dive with the SeaLife SeaDragon 5000+ throughout January in the rough waters of the Pacific Northwest. The conditions were not ideal so our video really doesn't do the light justice. Consider this our "pre-review" of the SeaDragon 5000+. We're excited to be bringing it to Raja Ampat where we can really put the color boost feature to the test! 

SeaLife SeaDragon 5000+ Specifications

  • High performance Bridgelux GEN 8 V18 COB LED
  • Color Boost Mode & Advanced Mode
  • 5000 Lumens Output (up to 6000 Lumens max for 2 mins)
  • Color Rendering Index 90
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • One Button Operation
  • Removable 50Wh Li-Ion Battery
  • 3.3Hrs Burn time @ 1500 Lumens & 1Hr @ 5000 Lumens + Color Boost
  • Various Safety Features
  • Depth Rating of 100m
  • Material: Corrosion-proof hard-anodized T6061 aluminum light head and fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body

SeaDragon 5000+ Beam Quality

The beam quality on the SeaDragon 5000+ is second to none. With a 120 degree beam angle (90 degree underwater) and a color temperature of 5000K @ 5000 lumens, it's perfect for both wide angle and macro video. We shot a lot of our underwater test footage with a fisheye lens that had a 170 degree field of view. The beam angle was enough so that we just needed one light with the fisheye lens in most cases. We would still recommend two of these lights for hard core wide angle shooters. 

With a CRI rating of 90, your colors with the SeaDragon 5000+ will be rendered fairly true-to-life. We enjoyed the nice warm color temperature of the 5000K light - it really helped bring out colors in the anemones we were filming. 

Color Boost Feature

The SeaDragon 5000+ is the first of its kind to debut a color boost feature. The color boost beam on the light shifts the color temperature warmer so that the light brings out even more reds and oranges that are lost at depth. This makes your subject pop even more than it would with a traditional underwater video light. The color boost feature is available at 5000K, 6000K, and 3000K.

Red Beam

The SeaLife SeaDragon 5000+ is also equipped with a red beam. A red beam is like a stealth beam underwater. Many sea creatures can't see it, making it a great tool for sneaking up on critters. Once you get close enough you can switch to white light and film to your hearts content. 

Design and Ergonomics

The SeaDragon 5000+ is a very solid light. It's made from hard-anodized aluminum with a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body. It managed to make it through some surf entries without a scratch and it feels great in the hands. If you want an easy to use video light the SeaLife SeaDragon is it. All modes on the light are controlled through just one push button!


Overall, we are initially very impressed with the SeaDragon 5000+. We think this light has a lot of potential and can't wait to see how it performs in Raja Ampat. Although SeaLife is known for being a brand that caters to newer photo and video shooters - the SeaDragon 5000+ is proof that they know their stuff when it comes to professional underwater video lighting.

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