Underwater Cameras of 2012 - Sony RX100, Olympus OM-D, Canon T4i

Three Great New Cameras of 2012

Best New Cameras of 2012

Bluewater Photo owner Scott Gietler discusses some of the best new cameras for underwater photography

Sony RX100 | Olympus OM-D E-M5 | Canon T4i / 650D


Sony RX100 - best compact camera ever?

  • Tiny pocketable camera, slightly larger than a Canon S100
  • 13.2mm Sensor is 3x the size as a Canon S100/g12 sensor, 20 megapixels!
  • Claims much faster focusing than other compact cameras
  • 1080p 60fps video, full manual controls during video
  • Bright F1.8-4.9 28-100mm lens
  • Great HDR, Panorama modes; macro mode is much better than the Canon G1x
  • Look for housings from Ikelite, Nauticam & Recsea. The Recsea Sony RX100 is already out!
  • Downsides - price ($649) is a little higher than other compacts
  • Available now! Read the complete UWPG Sony RX-100 review
  • See the great results from our Sony RX-100 wet lens tests

Sony RX-100 discussion


Olympus OM-D -setting a new standard for mirrorless cameras

  • 16 megapixel sensor, fast focusing, 1/250th sync speed
  • Still much smaller than dSLR cameras, good lens selection
  • Twin control dials, very customizable
  • Great image stabilization during video
  • Extensive weather proofing
  • Look for housings from Olympus & Nauticam. We'll have the Nauticam OM-D housing in early July!
  • Downsides - price ($999 body) is much higher than other mirrorless cameras, lowest ISO is still ISO 200
  • Available now, but back-ordered most places

Olympus OM-D discussion


Canon T4i - solid choice for entry-level dSLR shooters

  • Not much has changed from the Canon T3i, still a solid choice at its price point
  • Same 18 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • Biggest change is improved auto-focus during video, using hybrid phase-detection and contrast-detection - this is a great feature for people who want to take video and get amazing stills underwater
  • Priced at $949 with kit lens; Canon T3i is $749 with kit lens, looking very attractive
  • Dimensions appear to be almost the same as the Canon T3i, so maybe it will work in the T3i housings? We'll let you know!
  • Available July 1st


Canon T4i discussion

Bluewater Photo owner Scott Gietler discusses the new Cameras of 2012 - Sony RX100, Olympus OM-D, Canon T4i