DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max Review

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max Review

Posted by Anthony Grote on September 29th, 2023

The new  Dive Volk SeaTouch 4 Max Underwater Smartphone Housing has become immensely popular with divers and snorkelers. This housing features an easy to use interface and full access to your phone's touchscreen unlike other popular bluetooth smartphone housing brands such as the Kraken KRH08 Smartphone HousingOceanic+ Dive Housing and the SeaLife Sportdiver

The Dive Volk SeaTouch 4 Max is also incredibly affordable, priced at just $199, and compatible with most phones on the market. The housing is designed to effortlessly integrate with various iPhone models, from the iPhone 6 Plus to the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max. In the event that your phone isn't initially compatible or you own an Android, Huawei, and more, you have the option to acquire a personalized 3D printed tray from Bluewater Photo for only $10. Alternatively, Bluewater offers a complimentary STL file for your convenience if you'd like to 3D print the tray yourself. 

Field testing the latest DiveVolk SeaTouch Max 4 Underwater Smartphone Housing

To find out if the DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max really lives up to the hype, we went diving off Catalina Island, California, and took along the housing together with the full line up of accessories. Because the SeaTouch 4 Max gives you access to the touchscreen on your phone, you are able to use your native photo apps. But it's vital to note certain key differences between the SeaTouch 4 Max and other Bluetooth-controlled smartphone housings. The primary difference, is that the SeaTouch 4 Max does not have a built-in vacuum system that allows you to know if the o-ring seal is good before getting in the water. To determine if the DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max is the right housing for you, be sure to read our comprehensive underwater review!

Sea star photographed with the Samsung Galaxy S22 in a DiveVolk housing and a Kraken 7000

The Dive Volk SeaTouch 4 Max Design and Ergonomics

The design and ergonomic of the Dive Volk housing is fairly straight forward when comparing it to other underwater smartphone housings. The body is constructed with a tough polycarbonate and aluminium to create a sold framework for the housing, while the main interface with the  smartphone screen is a gel-filled touchscreen membrane of about 5mm thick, which allows full access to all functions and apps on the smartphone screen. The housing is, as a result of this touchscreen membrane, button free and only has a small opening on one end of the housing which allows the smartphone to be inserted, using the supplied tray, and is then sealed using a three-layered gasket membrane and screwed door to ensure perfect sealing.

You might be unsure if the housing is secure enough for your priceless phone after reading this article. We were initially taken aback by the lack of a vacuum system, as we are used to seeing in other Bluetooth-based smartphone housings like the SeaLife SportDiver and Kraken KRH08. Seeing the housing submerge without being able to determine whether it was waterproof was a little unsettling. However, our worries were soon allayed when the housing survived several dives, both in calm and choppy waters that were rife with surf and current.

A wide angle kelp forest scene photographed with the SeaTouch 4 Max

Touchscreen Dynamics

The main selling point of the new Dive Volk SeaTouch 4 Max is the ability to operate the touchscreen of your smartphone as you would do on the surface. This contrasts all other bluetooth models which rely on a bluetooth connection between the phone and housing, which then allows access to a limited number of functions using buttons on the housing. In our test dive, the touch functions worked seamlessly underwater, even allowing us to unlock the screen without any problems. However there are 2 caveats to the gel-filled touchscreen, the first being that you need to remove a screen protectors before diving to allow for better "touch-access" via the gel-filled membrane while underwater; and secondly, the touch functionality underwater does not work while wearing gloves. To overcome the second issue, you will need to use the DiveVolk touchscreen finger cot.

A video light can help bring out colors in your underwater photos with the SeaTouch 4 Max

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max Accessories

Dive Volk offers a full suite of accessories which can be used to enhance your underwater experience, and improve the photographs and video taken of various subjects.

DiveVolk Lens & Filter Adapter

The Dive Volk lens and filter adapter is a must-have accessory as it allows you to attach the housing to a tray and use accessory lenses. This allows the camera housing to be seated on a tray for ease of handling as well as the attachment of wide angle and macro wet lenses, as well as the magenta and red filters, which improve the colors under different underwater conditions.

DiveVolk Underwater Wide Angle 0.6x Conversion Lens

With a broader field of view, the DiveVolk wide angle conversion lens lets you get closer to larger subjects. This enhances the color and detail in your shot. This is not designed for the wide angle lens but rather the standard 1x camera on your phone.

DiveVolk Macro 8+ Wet Lens Close Up

If you want to take close-up underwater photos and videos of small objects, a few inch's in size, the DiveVolk macro +8 wet lens is a wonderful choice.

DiveVolk Underwater Wide Angle Dome for Split Shots

When snorkeling, this wide angle dome is ideal for obtaining half-and-half or wide perspective pictures. It can be used down to ten feet.

DiveVolk Red and Magenta Filters

Red and magenta DiveVolk filters are excellent for adjusting colors underwater. We advise using the DiveVolk red filter in blue water to restore red colors that are lost at depths of 5 to 25 meters. At depths of 5 to 15 meters, the DiveVolk magenta filter corrects colors in green water.

Dive Volk SeaLink Contact Type Underwater Wifi Signal Transmitter

This is possibly one of the most intriguing accessories from DiveVolk. The ability to use your smartphone as an underwater camera monitor is perhaps the most innovative usage of the DiveVolk SeaTouch Max 4 housing. Your smartphone's WiFi signal is sent from the transmitter to your camera. The smartphone can then be used to control the camera or as a monitor thanks to this feature!

Bluewater Photo has some excellent packages for the Dive Volk SeaTouch 4 Max.

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max Wide Angle Starter Package

This is a perfect starter package to get you going underwater with the Dive Volk SeaTouch 4 underwater housing, with the wide angle lens to improve image sharpness and corner quallity, as well as, providing a light source to improve colors underwater.

DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max Ultimate Package

This is the ultimate package for someone interested in using the SeaTouch 4 max housing. The tray and lights provide a way to add color into your video and photos and the wide angle lens allows you to get closer, better quality shots.


For everyone who wants to carry their smartphone underwater to record their dives and other aquatic activities, the DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max is a straightforward, safe, practical, and simple piece of equipment. The housing is as easy as it gets; all you have to do to use your phone underwater is tap the touch screen. For everyone who wishes to take underwater photos as easily as possible, this gadget is ideal. The SeaTouch 4 Max is supported by Bluewater Photo's extensive selection of accessories and technical assistance. Considering this might be the simplest and most affordable way to get into underwater photography and video, it's no surprise that this housing has become a global phenomenon!

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