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Grand Opening Party Feb 12th $3,300 worth of prizes

Grand Opening Party Feb 12th $3,300 worth of prizes

January 6th, 2011

Bluewater Photo Grand Opening

bluewater photo underwater cameras

March Giveaway - Amazing Carbon Fiber Arms

To win an amazing set of 4 Dyron Carbon Fiber Arms (total value $300), simply join our newsletter. The Signup box is at the upper left hand corner of this page. The winner will be randomly selected on March 25th and announced at our booth 712 at the Beneath the Sea Show.

Feb 12th Grand Opening Party - a big success

We had an amazing Grand Opening Party on Saturday, Feb 12th 12 noon - 8PM at 2501 Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica. Thanks everyone for attending! Congrats to all of the raffle winners.

Current List of 15%-off coupon winners:

I must apologize, we did not start choosing winners until Jan 17th, because of the birth of my son Ryan, he came 1 week early. I'll award two per day in February to make sure we award 40 of the 15% off coupons before Feb 12th. - Scott

Winners are randomly chosen using the random number generator on Winners will be immediately notified via email.

Winner list is updated every few days.

Jan 17th - the winner is Michael S. Congrats Michael! 
Jan 18th - the winner is Lacy C. Congrats Lacy!
Jan 19th - the winner is Caner C.! Congrats Caner!
Jan 20th - the winner is DrJr 52! Congrats Dr Jr!
Jan 21st - the winner is Jibby H! Congrats Jibby!
Jan 22nd - the winner is MJ Hunt! Congrats MJ!
Jan 23rd - the winner is Lawrence W! Congrats Lawrence!
Jan 24th - the winner is Indra R. Congrats Indra!
Jan 25th - the winner is Photo Bret. Congrats Bret!
Jan 26th - the winner is Chet K. Congrats Chet!
Jan 27th - the winner is BJ Diver. Congrats BJ!
Jan 28th - the winner is Deen Dive. Congrats Deen!
Jan 29th - the winner is Dive Ability. Congrats Dive!
Jan 30th - the winner is David Gth. Congrats David!
Jan 31st - the winner is Cintia. Congrats Cintia!
Feb 1st - winner is Kevin Lee. Congrats Kevin!
Feb 1st - 2nd winner is Fotohog images. Congrats Foto Hog!
Feb 2nd - winner is Flew Inc. Congrats Flew!
Feb 2nd - 2nd winner is L. Bosch. Congrats L Bosch!
Feb 3rd - winner is Scott Rodman. Congrats Scott!
Feb 3rd - 2nd winner is C. Linares. Congrats Carlos!
Feb 4th - winner is Jenny Ou. Congrats Jenny!
Feb 4th - 2nd winner is Rolando Pas. Congrats Rolando!
Feb 5th - winner is Ray Thompson. Congrats Ray!
Feb 5th - 2nd winner is Miroslawa K. Congrats Miroslawa! 
feb 6th - winner is Nayan S. Congrats Nayan!
Feb 6th - 2nd winner is Kalani P. Congrats K!
Feb 7th - winner is Martha Ed. Congrats Martha!
Feb 7th - 2nd winner is Me Weeb.. Congrats Me!
Feb 8th - winner is Ryan Kis. Congrats Ryan!
Feb 8th - 2nd winner is Ken B. Congrats Ken!
Feb 9th - winner is Cassandra L. Congrats Cassandra!
Feb 9th - 2nd winner is Shawn R. Congrats Shawn!
Feb 10th - winner is Susie Hir. Congrats Susie!
Feb 10th - 2nd winner is Shanee. Congrats Shanee!
Feb 11th - winner is Cameron Z. Congrats Cameron!
Feb 11th - 2nd winner is Linda R. Congrats Linda!
Feb 12th - winner is Paul Sut. Congrats Paul!
Feb 12th - 2nd winner is Todd A. Congrats Todd!

Sola 600 winner!!!!

A big congrats to Luz Martinez, who won the awesome Sola 600 light! Luz is a nurse who lives in Southern California, and she came in the store today to pick up her prize. We hadn't met before, but it turns out she used to be a very active Nikonos photographer who won a couple grand prizes in underwater photo competitions in the past. She was quite happy about her prize! I mounted the light on her housing for her, and she can't wait to try it out underwater.



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