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Kraken Sports KRL-09S Wide Angle Conversion Lens

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  • Wide Field of View - 154°
  • Can be installed even underwater
  • Designed to be used with 60mm macro lens
  • Built-in Bouyancy -Super light weight underwater
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Kraken Sports KRL-09S Wide Angle Conversion Lens


The Kraken Sports KRL-09S Wide Angle Conversion Lens is an ultra-wide angle wet lens that has been designed to be used with a 60mm macro lens. It converts a 39°  macro field of view to a 154° fisheye, wide angle field of view. The KRL-09S threads directly into your 67mm flat port. This gives you the flexibility to shoot macro and wide angle all during one dive! The Kraken wide angle conversion lens has a built-in buoyancy collar which makes it very lightweight underwater,with a weight of only 212g. We find the trim to be very nice and even underwater. The dome of the lens is made from a high grade and durable polycarbonate material. It is optically very sharp, but durable. If it does get scratched, it can be buffed out.


Kraken KRL-09s Wide Angle Conversion Lens

Kraken KRL-09S Wide Angle Conversion Lens in the field attached to Ikelite Nikon Z6 housing and Nikon 60mm macro lens


Kraken KRL-09S Specifications:

  • Field of view: 60mm (39.7°) -> 4.9mm (154.8°)
  • Depth Rating: 197 ft.
  • Thread: 67mm
  • Weight on Land: 2kg
  • Built-in Buoyancy Collar
  • Weight Underwater: 220g
  • Lens Construction: 7 Elements; 6 Groups (6 Glass 1 Poly Carb)
  • Magnification: 0.32X
  • Dome Lens: Optical Grade Polycarbonate Resin
  • Glass/Coating: Optical Glass / Multi Layer BBAR Coating
  • Does not focus on land


Lens Compatibility:

* Compact Camera - Those cameras able to zoom to 60mm (35mm Equivalent) focal length

Flip Adapter Compatibility:

The Kraken KRL-09S is the perfect lens to be used with a flip adapter. A flip adapter allows you to flip the lens onto your port in one quick, 2 second motion without screwing anything in. If you get a double flip adapter, you will be able to screw an additional diopter on the other thread, allowing you to shoot wide angle, macro, and super macro on in the same dive!

In our tests we've found that the Nauticam single flip adapterNaticam double flip adapter, Nauticam MWL Flip adapter, and Nauticam MWL double flip adapter have the best compatibility with this lens. The MWL versions of the flip adapter have an additional piece (a metal circle with screw holes) that does not need to be used with the Kraken KRL09s. The Saga single flip adapter and the Saga double flip adatper are moderately compatible with the lens. You can screw the lens in most of the way. However, there is a metal bump on the saga adapter that touches the buoyancy color on the lens. In order to get the lens all the way flush, you will need to shave the metal piece off the saga adapter with a dremel. It will not harm the adapter. Even if you choose not to shave off the piece, the lens works with the saga adapter and it is secure - it just doesn't completely screw in without modification.


Sample Underwater Photos:

kraken krl09s compact

We were able to take this photo of a sea star by getting into a crevice the small form factor of the lens. Photographed with the Kraken KRL-09S, Nikon Z6, and Nikon 60mm macro lens in an Ikelite housing. f/16, 1/200, ISO 400


kraken krl09s

Sun Star. Nikon 60mm macro with Kraken KRL-09s. f/14, ISO 500, 1/80


Dynamic Range Test. Fish eating anemone photographed with the Kraken KRL-09s, Nikon 60mm macro, and Nikon Z6. f/32, 1/200, ISO 100


Wet Wide Angle Essential Tips:

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  • Weight on Land: 2kg
  • Weight Underwater: 212g
  • Lens Construction: 7 Elements; 6 Groups (6 Glass 1 Poly Carb)
  • Magnification: 0.32X
  • Field of view: 154°
  • Dome Lens: Optical Grade Polycarbonate Resin
  • Glass/Coating: Optical Glass / Multi Layer BBAR Coating
  • Mount: 67mm
  • Depth Rating: 197 ft.
Weight: 2.00 LBS
Dimensions: 6.00 (in) × 6.00 (in) × 6.00 (in)
Free Worldwide Shipping: No
Brand: Kraken

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