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Our Top Buyer's Guides for Underwater Photo & Video Gear


Which underwater housing should I get? Which underwater camera is best? What is the best lens for underwater video?

We hope to answer these and other questions in our buyer's guides for underwater photo & video gear such as housings, lenses, wet lenses, strobes, video lights, focus lights, and more.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.


What Camera is right for you?

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Lighting improves the quality of your images and gives you much more flexibility in creating stunning images. So whats right for you?

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What Housing options do you have for your camera?

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No matter what camera you have, the lens you use can make or break your dive. See our top lens recommendations for underwater, in addition to the best wide and macro wet lenses!

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Underwater Camera Guides

Best Underwater Cameras of 2024

Bluewater Photo's list of best underwater cameras and smartphone housings.

Best Beginner Underwater Cameras

Expert advice on top beginner underwater cameras with pros and cons.

Best Underwater Compact Cameras

Best underwater compact cameras for underwater photography and video

Best Underwater Mirrorless Cameras

Top choice for most underwater photographers with advanced features and small size.

Best Underwater Video Cameras

Highlighting the key features to choose your best underwater camera for video.

Best Waterproof Cameras

Our favorite waterproof cameras for snorkeling, surfing, and shallow water diving.

Best Snorkeling Cameras

We found the best underwater cameras for shallow explorers.

Best Underwater DSLR Cameras

This guide highlights the best DSLR underwater cameras available.

Underwater Housing Guides

DSLR Housings

Compact Housings

GoPro Housings

Top recommended housings for popular GoPro action cameras.

Smartphone Housings

Guide to choosing best underwater smartphone housing.

Underwater Lighting Guides

Professional Video Lights

Our top-of-the-line, pro-level video lights offer features beyond the capabilities of a normal underwater video light.

Video Lights

Our guide to all-around, multiple function, and multi-color video lights.

Focus Lights

Choose the best focus light to fit your shooting needs and budget.


This guide will help you pick the best underwater strobe light the first time.


Produce striking and creative photos with the right snoot.

Underwater Lens Guides

Best Lenses for Underwater

Wet Macro Lenses

Capture stunning detail with a wet macro lens.

Wet Wide Angle Lenses

Shoot dramatic images of reefs and large animals underwater with the right wet wide angle lens.

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