Lembeh 2018 Workshop

Lembeh 2018 Photo Workshop Highlights

Lembeh 2018 Underwater Photo Workshop Highlights

In the last part of October we ran a Bluewater Photo underwater imaging workshop to the muck diving capital of the world, the Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Our base of operations was the fantastic NAD Lembeh Resort nestled in a small bay on Lembeh Island.

The trip was 8 days of intensive underwater photography with an image review and an hour long workshop session. The sessions focused heavily on macro imagery of course, but covered as many aspects of underwater photography as we could squeeze in.

Yawning Hairy Frogfish

Four dives per day and an incredible amount of weird and wacky marine life meant the group had a huge amount of opportunities to put what they were learning in the workshop sessions into practice underwater. The guests produced some fantastic images that both trip leaders Erik and Matt mentioned numerous times they themselves would've been proud to make. Erik and Matt spent several days with each of the two groups of photographers, rotating between the boats every few days, assisting when needed, and providing fodder for the guests to endlessly rib them in good fun.

Blue-Ringed Octopus

Marine life highlights from the trip included frogfish on almost every dive (6 species at least were photographed), hairy octopus, wonderpus, blueringed octopus everywhere (several were seen mating and a lucky few even saw a female give birth!), ghost pipefish, tons of nudibranchs, and enough other cool critters that it would take up the rest of this blog post to list them all. 

Without a doubt a succesful workshop, no huge hiccups, and some truly stunning imagery. 

Nudibranch rhinophores
Fire Urchin and Bengai Cardinal Fish from Lembeh, Indonesia
Fire Urchin with Bengai CardinalFish, photo by Laurie Slawson


Wonderpus Octopus, photo by Thomas Jezler


Please stay tuned for a detailed trip report at www.bluewaterdivetravel.com

A quick overview of our recent Bluewater Photo Lembeh 2018 Workshop