Nauticam Pro Package for Sony RX100VII Review

Nauticam Pro Package for Sony RX100VII Housing Video Review

Nauticam Pro Package for Sony RX100VII Review

Nauticam is constantly rethinking their underwater housing designs to create the absolute best user experience when shooting underwater, and the Nauticam RX100 VII Pro Package is no exception. Their housings are crafted from high quality aluminum with controls and dials designed for great ergonomics (ease of use). The housing is depth rated to 100m, maintains a fairly small footprint making it great for traveling. All buttons are clearly labeled, it includes two fiber optic ports and a leak sensor. Lastly the rotating housing latch is secure yet easy to use. 

The package includes the housings, Flextray with left & right handle, mounting balls and M14 Vacuum Valve II.

Key Features:

  • Nauticam HDMI Output - The housing is equipped with an M16 bulkhead which supports HDMI output for video that allows you to use an external monitor. This will make judging exposure, focus and composition easier. 
  • Nauticam Locking Latch - An oversized rotary latch seals the housing, and securely locks in place without risk of accidental opening. 
  • Nauticam Mission Controls - Nauticam has been known to provide superb ergonomics. The button, dials and lever placement designed has been well thought off. All camera controls are easily and readily available at your fingertips. 
  • Nauticam Professional Optics - The housing is compatible with Nauticam's professional optics from wide angle to macro shooting.

Other Features:

  • Interchangeable N50 Port - To maximize the cameras long zoom lens, the housing features N50 interchangeable port system. The standard port which is included, it allows the use of the cameras full zoom range. 
  • Optional Configuration - Nauticam offers an option to have a housing which can go up to 150m.
  • Integrated Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System  - The housing includes Nauticams Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System. When combined with M14 Vacuum Valve II, the system provides a constant update on the housings seal integrity. A simple color coded LED system lets the user know that the housing maintains the pressure or if the housing is losing vacuum. The leak detection provides an audible and visual indicator when there is a water breach. The Nauticam system is temperature compensated, eliminating false alarms caused by a change in outside temperature, or from a camera heating up on an action packed dive.

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