Professional Underwater Video Lights

Professional underwater video lights

Professional underwater video lights are essential for adding color, details, and contrast to your underwater video - whether you are shooting an 8K or 4K documentary for netflix or capturing creative content for your youtube channel or instagram reel. Our top-of-the-line, pro-level video lights offer features beyond the capabilities of a normal underwater video light. Many of these lights offer extended burn times, higher power levels, brighter lumens, and consistant, even light throughout a dive. Many of these lights are rated above 6,000 lumens - the bare minimum for shooting wide angle video in sunny, shallow, and tropical lighting conditions. They feature the highest quality LED's, construction and performance. High power professional lights are often limited to a single, elegant wide white beam. Their purpose is only to bring accurate colors out of your underwater scene. If you are looking for an all around, multiple function (and multi-color) light, check out our Video Light Guide.




Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15,000

*Factory Sealed, Fast Charging, & High Power*

The Light & Motion Sola Video Pro 15000 is designed for photographers and videographers who want the best. It provides 15,000 lumens of light in a small and compact body. It produces an even output without any hotspots. Another great feature of the video light is that it is factory sealed, so there are no o-rings to maintain.

  • 15,000 lumens of output on high power
  • 115 degree beam angle
  • Unbelievably small
  • Incredibly useful OLED screen- power levels, % charged, available runtime
  • 5000K color temp
  • Fast charger - 1hr 45min charge time
  • 3 hours at 2,500 lumens, 8 hours at 1000 lumens, 40 minutes at 15,000

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Check out our Light & Motion Advanced Kit

Two Video Pro 15,000s, filters, a carry case, and more for a great price!

Check out our Light & Motion 15,000 Aquaterra Kit

The only professional video kit that allows you to switch between underwater and topside video!



Kraken Sports Solar Flare Mini 12,000 Video Light

*Front Dome, Slim, Compact Body*

The new Kraken Sports Solar Flare Mini 12,000 Video Light is a high output video light in a small body. The video light features an output up to 12,000 lumens with a wide 120° beam through a front dome. The light has been upgraded from the original Solar Flare Mini to feature 50% more lumens for the same price! The burn time reaches an impressive 66 mins at full power! It is also compatible with the Kraken Remote Control for easy operation. The Solar Flare Mini uses a COB LED for an even beam with no hotspots and accurate color.

  • Powerful light at 8,000 lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 120°
  • Color Temperature - 5,000K
  • Lightweight - 455g underwater and 930g on land
  • 66 min battery life on full power
  • Burst photography mode: 15,000 lumens with fiber optic trigger

Keldan Video 8M Modular CRI Video Light

*Smooth Even Light, Easy Control, High CRI*

The Keldan Video 8M Flux Video Light boasts a powerful 8,000 lumens with a high color rendering index (i.e., accurately reproduces color). The front dome and high quality LED's produce a soft, even light with no hotspots at all. The light is controlled by a simple slider switch with three power levels. The depth rating of the video light is also impressive, rated at 200m.

  • Powerful video light 13,000 lumens
  • Includes 90º/110º dome reflector
  • Color Rendering Index of 96
  • Color temperature of 5,600 Kelvin
  • Depth rating of 200m
  • 45 min battery life on full power / 170 mins on minimum power

Big Blue VL15000P Tri Color Video Light

*High Power, with Multiple Light Modes*

The Big Blue VL15000P Tri Color Video Light is a super high powered video light which offers up to 15,000 lumens. This power is packed into a fairly compact body with an array of high powered LEDs. One great feature of the video light is the tri color lights. It has a cool white, warm white, and red beam. The warm white is great for reproducing skin tones well and helps make reds/oranges really pop underwater. Battery life is also longer than many lights at up to 2 hours on full power.

  • Super powerful light at 15,000 lumens
  • Wide beam angle of 160°
  • Tri color feature - cool white, warm white and red
  • Small and compact
  • Color temperature - 6500K for cool white and 5500K for warm white
  • 2 hour battery life on full power