Sea & Sea Internal TTL Converter

Sea & Sea Internal TTL Converter


Sea & Sea Internal TTL Converter

Keep your rig streamlined! This new converter is a big improvement for TTL shooters.

Internal TTL Converter

Sea & Sea recently released a new TTL converter for its DSLR housings. This replaces the old external TTL converter that could be added to many Sea & Sea DSLR housings. The New converter is internal, keeping your housing set up much more stream-lined, an important feature for underwater photographers.

This new TTL converter allows for full TTL use with the electronic sync cords, greatly improving recycle time of the strobes than when you use fiber optic cables. On housings like the 5DMKIII there was no way to get TTL without a converter and this new internal converter is much slimmer and does not add to your large DSLR rig.

New Sea & Sea Interntal TTL Converter - For Canon 5DMKIII

Available Housings:

Currently the TTL converter is included with all MDX-6D housings. It is also available for the MDX-5DKIII housing, If you have a housing and want the new converter you would need to send in your housing to Sea & Sea so they can install it. Not available, but coming soon will be a TTL converter for the Nikon D7100 housing and other Sea & Sea MDX housings.


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Sea & Sea's new INTERNAL TTL converter for DSLR Housings.