Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing

Buyers Guide for Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing

These Sony A7 IV underwater housings are our favorite housings for taking your Sony A7 IV underwater. The Sony A7 IV is an excellent entry-level full-frame camera with a 33-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of 10 fps in burst mode and can also record 4K/60p video with 10-bit 4:2:2 color sampling. Its autofocus tracking system can follow quick-moving subjects, so you'll never miss another shot again! Read our full Sony A7 IV underwater review for more information about the camera, or contact us at, for all your underwater photo and video needs! We can put together customized packages based on your requirements and offer free online training sessions to get you started. 

Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing Options

Marelux Sony A7 IV underwater housing

Marelux Sony A7 IV MX-A7IV Underwater Housing

*Superb Ergonomics, Durable, Innovative Features*

Marelux is new to the underwater housing market, and the Marelux Sony A7 IV MX-A7IV Underwater Housing was one of their first releases. They introduced their first housings in the US back at the beginning of 2022. They shook up the established high-end housing market with their premium anodized aluminum designs priced more competitively than their counterparts. 
Aside from giving their housings a premium feel, the anodized aluminum makes them extremely tough and scratch-resistant, which is something adventure-loving photographers will love. And for an extra $200, you can order your Sony A7 IV Marelux housing in some custom color options. 
A unique feature of Marelux housings, in general, is their ultra-wide port openings. In most cases, you can remove the port, change lenses, and even install the camera through the port opening. This saves you the time and hassle of disassembling the housing whenever you want to change lenses. 
The housing is compatible with a vacuum value, but unfortunately, it's sold separately, as is the manual optical flash trigger. 
Depth rating: 330 ft. (100m)
Dimensions: 13.19 x 6.97 x 5.12 in (335 x 177 x 130mm)



Nauticam Sony A7 IV underwater housing

Nauticam Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing

*Excellent Ergonomics, User-friendly, Durable*

The Nauticam Sony A7 IV underwater housing is probably the most well-known out of all the underwater housings on this list. It has excellent ergonomics and first-class build quality. Nauticam has put a lot of thought into designing the Sony A7 IV underwater housing and laid all of the buttons and dials in easy-to-operate locations. An example of this is the way the shutter button and the focus button are positioned. They are almost opposite each other in the top right-hand corner, which makes locking onto your subjects and capturing them very intuitive; imagine a pinching motion. 
Another testament to the thought that has gone into designing the Sony A7 IV Nauticam housing is the bayonet-style port attachment system. Ports can be easily attached and removed from the housing with a simple quarter-turn twist.
Nauticam setups give you great versatility when it comes to lens choices, as well as the ability to use all Nauticam bayonet systems, flip adaptors, and optics.
Depth rating: 330 ft. (100m)
Dimensions: 13.39 x 6.70 x 4.92 in. (340x 170 x 125mm)




Ikelite Sony A7 IV underwater housing

Ikelite Sony A7 IV 200DL Underwater Housing

*Affordable, Sturdy, great TTL option*

The Ikelite 200DL Sony A7 IV underwater housing is made from durable polycarbonate material, making it lightweight, easy to transport and use and immune to any form of corrosion that may become an issue with aluminum housings. A secondary benefit to being made from polycarbonate rather than aluminum is that it's more affordable than some of the other underwater housings on this list. Not only is it more affordable, but it also comes with a vacuum valve out of the box, which will help budding underwater photographers save even more money. You will have to purchase the vacuum pump separately, however. The vacuum system, combined with Ikelite's new dry lock (DL) port system and a clear back, which lets you see if there are any leaks, means your camera will be safe from water damage. 

The Ikelite to Canon TTL converter is one of the fastest and most accurate trigger systems out there, which is why many people turn to Ikelite housings. 
This 200DL version which is depth rated to 200ft. is the big brother to the Ikelite 50DL (listed below).
Depth rating: 200ft. (60m)
Dimensions: 9 x 7.25 x 6 in. (229 x 184 x 152 mm)



Aquatica Sony A7 IV underwater housing

Aquatica Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing

*Affordable, Rugged, Compact*

Like all Aquatica housings, the Aquatica Sony A7 IV underwater housing is a tough, robust housing that puts functionality first. They are often used in the military because of their reputation for being able to take a beating and perform well in challenging situations. The Aquatica Sony A7 IV underwater housing is milled from a single block of aluminum, has an anodized coated, and a standard depth rating of 300 ft. (90m) which can be upgraded to 450 ft. (140m), making them a popular choice among tec divers. 
The housing can be ordered in a range of custom colors and can even be manufactured with your logo embossed for added customization, none of the other housings in this guide offer that.
Aquatica housings come with vacuum valves and sensors as standard, which is a big plus. They are also compatible with many flash triggers and sync chords, making them versatile and customizable. 
Depth rating: 300 ft. (90m) upgradable to 450 ft. (140m)





Isotta Sony A7 IV Underwater Housing

*Ferrari of the Sea*

We like to call Isotta housings the "Ferraris of the seas" thanks to their striking, vivid red color. The Isotta Sony A7 IV underwater housing is undoubtedly a premium product, and it feels like one when you hold it. Constructed from anodized aluminum, this Italian-made housing is perfect for those who prioritize luxury over cost. 
It is well-balanced and surprisingly lightweight, even compared to polycarbonate housings. But the most significant difference between this Isotta Sony A7 IV underwater housing and all the other housings in this guide is its bespoke nature. All Isotta housings are made to order, giving you a lot of scope for customization, but you'll be waiting around a month for it to arrive after you place your order because of it. You can purchase an Isotta housing through Bluewater Photo, and we'll help ensure you get something that meets all of your needs. 
Ergonomically, the housing is first-class. All buttons are laid out in a logical manner, and the handles are super comfortable too. Even installing and removing the camera is easy, with a single screw that locks and unlocks the bulkhead. 
It has a built-in moisture alarm but no vacuum system, unfortunately. Third-party vacuum systems, such as the Vivid Leak Sentinel V6 and pump, are available.
Depth rating: 330 ft. (100m)




Sea & Sea Sony universal housingSea & Sea Sony A7 IV Universal Underwater Housing

*Built to last, Compact Size, Elegantly Engineered*

The Sea & Sea Sony A7 IV underwater housing is a robust design that feels solid in hand thanks to its high-quality aluminum construction. Sea & Sea make excellent strobes, and as you'd expect, their housings are compatible with them with a TTL flash trigger. This combination of Sea & Sea housings and strobes makes for the most accurate strobe system on the market. 
A large LCD screen on the back of the housing and a viewing window on top means you have an unobstructed with of your camera's setting and menu options while underwater, which is a big selling point for this housing. Another feature not found on many other housings is the glow-in-the-dark buttons to help you when diving at night or in dark waters. 
Depth rating: 330 ft. (100m)
Dimensions: 13.0 x 7.4 x  5.2 in. (330 x 189 x 131 mm)



About the Sony A7 IV

Sony A7 IV

Learn more about the camera's features and why we love it for underwater photography in our full Sony A7 IV Camera Review


Sony redefines the meaning of "base model" with the Sony A7 IV. The camera's image quality and performance are hard to beat in this price range. It is the ultimate hybrid camera, excelling in both photo and video. The A7 IV features Sony's newly developed 33-megapixel full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor. It also packs the BIONZ XR processor, used in its bigger brother, the Sony A1, inheriting technology from Sony's cinema line and many more awesome features that you can use for underwater shooting.

Quick Specs:

  • 33-megapixel full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor
  • Advanced BIONZ XR image processing engine
  • Optical 5-axis in-body image stabilization
  • Advanced functions for video
  • Supports S-Cinetone
  • 3.68-megadot Quad-VGA OLED viewfinder
  • Dual media slots, with CFexpress Type A support


Sony A7 IV Underwater Review



Sony A7 IV Underwater Sample Images


Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image

Sony A7 IV underwater sample image




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